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As well as all the resources on the Affiliate page, as an Inspired Spirit Coach, you have these additional resources as you have a distinct advantage when telling others about the ISCA because YOU know how amazing it is!  It’s always best to speak from your heart when letting others know about this life-changing opportunity – if you’re excited, they’ll be excited!

Some of our coaches share the successes they’ve had in their business since becoming and ISCA coach.  Others share the amazing things they’ve created or manifested since going through the ISCA.  It’s up to you what story you want to share.  But when it comes from your heart, that’s when others feel a connection to what it is you say, and want to find out more.

Some of our coaches have made tens of thousands of dollars from recommending the ISCA – so can you!

Here’s a sample email that one of our coaches from class of 2010 sent to her small list – and she made $10,000 in less than a month just from sending out one email!  Remember, this is HER story, and yours will be different, but if you LOVE the ISCA (which I know you do) then its easy to share your excitement with others.


You know, if I had known that being a life coach was an actual job, that’s EXACTLY what I would have wanted to be my whole life.

But do you know how long I resisted it?

I thought I was too young. Then I worried about what people would think of me. I heard other people say they wanted to be a life coach and I thought they were ridiculous and arrogant for thinking they could inspire people for a living.

I even went to a few free coaching school introductory sessions and wasn’t impressed with the corporate look and feel. It just didn’t resonate with me at all.

But I couldn’t resist it any longer. I felt SO called to do this work. I wasn’t happy working for other people. I felt trapped in a 9-5 job and I swear I was allergic to my (cheap and ill-fitting) business suits.

So, I set an intention to find a school that really resonated with me, my purpose and philosophy.

And then as “luck” would have it, I came across Sandy Forster and her Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy. Sandy is the author of “How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast“, an international best seller on how to manifest wealth and prosperity using the Law of Attraction.

I knew I had to do her training and fulfill my dream of working for myself and having a freedom based lifestyle with nobody else telling me what to do. I loved the fact that it was six months home study (I actually did it while we were traveling).

So many people ask me about life coach training. Like, what is the best school, do I really need certification or the biggie…

“Could I really do that?”

You know how honest I am, right? Not everyone is cut out to be a coach. You still have to find clients, market and hustle like crazy in addition to doing the training and finishing the certification. And – do you actually need a certificate? Well – yes and no.

Sandy’s training gave me the permission, credibility and structure to actually get started. I could have coached people without it, but I didn’t. It gave me the kick up the butt to actually do it.

I could go on… yes, being a coach has made me more money than I ever earnt in a corporate job (and it grows every month). I answer to myself and coach in either my PJ’s or my yoga pants. But I also work hard and constantly stretch myself to learn and get over my own fear.

So, if you’ve been thinking of doing a coach certification, Sandy’s is a very inspiring and practical course. Nobody is going to give you permission to be “ready” (but I’ll give it to you if you want!)

Get the the info here: Add Your Affiliate Link Here – and it closes soon. Jump on it if coaching has been on your mind lately.

In full disclosure, this is my affiliate link. If you decide to do the training, let me know and I’ll gift you my [Put a BONUS worth $? here – but only if you have something simple and easy and of value you can offer.  Might be a free coaching session, an audio download, a guided visualization or ebook – something that is related to coaching and will help them become a better person, because that’s of course what being a certified coach can do!]

Oh, and if you have any Questions, just hit reply.

Lots of love and luck,



Remember, this is just her sample, but feel free to model yours on what was obviously a winning formula! And remember the program is now 10 months long, so make that change to your own email.

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