12 Oct What exactly do I get when I join Wildly Wealthy Women ?

An extensive, exciting and fun-filled online library of products and programs that will transform your life (and business if you have one). If you’re free-flowing and in a hurry, you can treat Wildly Wealthy Women like a buffet and pick and choose when and what you’ll dive into.

You’ll instantly receive a bundle of on-line products, programs and audios on Mindset, Visualization and Money Manifesting and you’ll have an entire year to go through as much or as little of this bonus material as you wish. You also have a live monthly Mastermind and Manifesting calls with me (Sandy) and I’ll answer your questions, brainstorm abundance attracting ideas and take you through a money manifesting process. All live calls are recorded and are available in the Members area for you to listen when your schedule permits.

You can renew your membership each year and will continue to have access to our extensive library of amazing life-transforming material as well as all the NEW material that is created each month.
However if you don’t renew your membership (we’ll send you a reminder email when its due), and decide at a later date to join up, you’ll have to pay the NEW price that is listed and not your special reduced price.