08 Jul Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

You may know what it is you desire, you may take the time picture it, feel it, affirm it, believe it, but when it comes to receiving it, are you blocking it from your life? Are you sabotaging your own success?

It’s All There for the Taking

I want you to picture this in your mind – way out there in the Universe, floating somewhere in the non-physical is a huge warehouse with YOUR name on it. In that warehouse is everything you have ever wanted, everything you desire now, and everything you will ever want. It’s all there for the taking. And the only reason you have a desire, or wish or dream about something, is because it’s in your warehouse waiting for you to order it.

Now when I say ‘order it’ I mean make it a ‘standing order’. What usually happens, is you have a desire (you place your order) and you get all excited, then the next moment you come up with all the reasons you won’t ever have, achieve or attain that desire (you cancel the order). Let’s say you see a picture of your dream car and you think to yourself “One day I’m going to have one of those”. You start imagining how wonderful you’ll feel when you own one. You see yourself in the car, picture yourself behind the wheel and feel how good it feels to own it and drive your car around.

At that point, all the little ‘helpers’ in your warehouse start running around excitedly shouting, “She’s put in the order for the car – she wants her car! Quick, let’s deliver it”– and they slide the warehouse door open and back the delivery truck in. They open the truck’s rear door, put the ramp in place and start pushing your new car up the ramp and into the delivery truck.

YOU Cancel Your Order

Now, if in the next breath you say to yourself, ‘But I can’t possibly afford that car; I’ll never save enough to buy it’, you have in that moment ‘cancelled your order’. So then, all your little helpers look at each other with sad little faces and say, “She’s cancelled her order again; take it out”, and they wheel your beautiful new car out of the delivery truck and back into your warehouse.

Then maybe you’re driving around in your old bomb and you see that beautiful car you want. You buy a magazine with a picture of your car, and you cut it out and stick it on your computer. You look at it every day. You go for a test drive at the local car dealer and you begin to feel having that car is possible again. And sure enough, your warehouse once again is a hive of activity. They’re running around. Your new car is in the back of the delivery truck and they’re locking the rear door. They turn the key in the ignition. The motor kicks over and then… You have a ‘hiccup’ in your life. You have a bad day, get an unexpected bill, or have a fight with your partner and you think, as you look at the picture of your new car, “I’ll never get one of those; nothing ever works out for me; what was I thinking!”. And in that moment, you’ve just cancelled your order again – they turn off the truck’s ignition, open it’s back door and roll your beautiful car back into your warehouse.

Your Desire Is Waiting for You

You have no idea how many times your desires are in and out, in and out, in and out and back into your warehouse. If you have thoughts or a desire that you want something, it’s because it’s in your warehouse. When you come up with all the reasons why you can’t have it, you cancel your order. And the part of you that comes up with those reasons is your saboteur – your logical mind. Now don’t get me wrong, the logical mind is a wonderful thing, it’s just that when it comes to attracting or manifesting what you desire, it’s the one thing that can hold you back from living the life of your dreams.

So, during the processes I share with you or you learn elsewhere, try to disengage the logical mind. Take the time to use your imagination like a child again, where anything is possible, where you have no limitations, where you believe you can and will get whatever you want. Just for the next month, I want you to believe that all the secrets I share with you DO work (which they do) that you CAN attract anything you want (which you can) and that you WILL transform your life (which is exactly what will happen if you allow it).


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