“I have been a coach for 15 years but after listening to Sandy I was able to define my niche by focusing on what I was already doing for my clients and then create my first website.

On the FIRST DAY I opened my web site I made $7000 from just one email and then another $14,000 in the very first MONTH. I’ve used Sandy’s recommended tools and steps to create sales and also become a published author. Since my web site launched 7 months ago I have grown my data base by almost 2000 people and am now making around $7000 a month.”

Stephanie Slavin

Wealth Coach for Entrepreneurs, North Carolina USA

“Learning from Sandy has changed my world. I was a financial planner working for a salary and now I run my own profitable business. My income has tripled and I’ve created a saleable asset from nothing!”

Nicole Pertzel

Melbourne, Australia

“My husband and I attended your event (leaving five children behind and flying all the way from California). This was my first experience ever with a website producing and selling an actual product – and I LOVE it! Within months I had a website and was selling hundreds of products every day.

Since then I’ve launched another site for my Yoga Center (which I opened last year) using all the information I learned at your event, and it brings me in over $4000 per month and growing. I can’t thank you enough.”

Carol Stewart

Lodi, California USA

“Sandy’s books and programs have completely changed my life. How to be Wildly Wealthy FAST is not only inspirational, its extremely fun and enjoyable to read. Within a few months of reading it I won six month all expenses paid travel using some of Sandy’s techniques.

I now have a multiple six figure business and re-read it whenever I want to take my income to the next level”

Denise Duffield-Thomas


“I have literally changed my life with Sandy’s program. It helped me define my niche as a Divine Feminine Purpose Coach and gave me the step by step guidance I needed in the right order so that I could set up my web portal to my new life. I am so excited to report that my business is truly the heart-singing hub that I have always dreamed of creating. I just wasn’t sure how to go about it until I did this program.”

Lisa Fitzpatrick


“I wanted to share the amazing power of Sandy’s course empowering us and the application of the Law of Attraction. It has helped me establish my coaching business and attract a number of paid clients, become nominated for the national Australian award for both businesses, been featured in local and national news, become an author and more. It is possible for each and every one of us, thank you very much Sandy for offering such an amazing course!”

Sue Davey


“Before Sandy I was floundering. So many things I wanted to do and not sure how to go about any of it. Now I have my very own life coaching practice, have created products, am a regular contributing writer for 3 magazines, have received radio interview offers, am in the process of arranging my first book publishing deal and am seen as an expert in my field. My entire professional life has turned around and it all started with Sandy’s programs. The change in mindset is where is all begins. If you too are looking for a total life transformation I would highly recommend Sandy’s programs”

Fiona Lindsay


“After learning and applying just one of Sandy’s strategies, my database grew 500% in just 3 months. I’ve been able to achieve over $200,000 in sales in one day thanks to the web. I’ve now become a published author and create multiple streams of income. I’m also a guest blogger on an international site, was featured in Wealth Creator Magazine and appeared on Foxtel TV.”

Wendy Moore – Property Educator

Melbourne, Australia

“Since Sandy’s program we’ve created a membership site that now has over 220 members and is turning over $15,000 a month. We’re on track to double that by the end of the year.”

Grahame Rees – 4th generation Sheep Farmer

Bathurst, Australia

“I went from being close to bankruptcy, to selling my home 3 days after listing it for double what I paid for it and reinvesting the profits. The journey ahead can be described as exciting. After learning from Sandy I feel optimistic and open to the amazing abundance which lies ahead for me”

C. Felts MI


” My list has doubled in a week! After implementing just one idea I now have twice the number of subscribers to my e-course and attendance at my teleconferences has soared.”

Ann Oliveri


“We launched our site after attending Sandy’s program and our business has gone from strength to strength thanks to your wisdom and ability to share. Using one of your strategies, we sent out one email and made $4000, so we repeated it the next month and did the same! Our revenues have continued to increase by over $4000 a month and we see that increasing with all the great ideas we have for the future. We love being able to empower others through our website.”

Kari Harris

Casting Services to the Film and TV Industry, Sydney Australia

“I started the program thinking it would be easy as I was educated with a good income from a job I felt passionate about, but I was wondering why I wasn’t achieving my goals. Now at the end of the course, I realise I have had a lack of self-empowerment and confidence. Thank you for helping me find ‘me’. Now I am enjoying the space of my world reorganised. Thank you, thank you!”

Maree S. Caloundra


“Since joining I have been on a profound spiritual journey. I have learnt why I have been held back from going forward with my life. I have since cleared the blockages. I now feel empowered to take the necessary action to move forward and achieve my goals. I feel grateful for every person that is involved with this program for influencing my growth. I cannot thank everyone enough.”


Mansfield, Qld

“My name is Nadia and first I bought your book in French. I read it many times, visited your site, and later bought your program – I was determined to create success in my life. I followed the plan in your program.

NOW, I am so happy and grateful, following step-by-step your strategies, within a month I have created profits and I am selling products every day! People are calling me for my service. This is wonderful! Thank you so much Sandy and I wish you all the best. Thanks to freedom.””

Nadia Faubert

Quebec, Canada

“I stumbled across you when I had very little. I woke one morning with a firm knowing I had to get training and in meditation asked for guidance and clearly saw your face! I wasn’t on your mailing list so didn’t even know you were enrolling for your program but got to your site and joined straight away. I had no idea how I would consistently make the money for the payment plan but I knew I was being supported by the Universe. Because I still had to wait for the program to start I dove into the Millionaire Mindset Mentoring Program and Wildly Wealthy FAST bonuses – within 2 weeks of that I received the money to pay my tuition in full. Sandy, all I can say is that since I’ve met you my income has tripled and I am experiencing my biz through fresh eyes that are opening up tremendous possibilities like magic. Thank you for creating this one of a kind course.”

Stella Seaspirit

South Africa

“Since joining Wildly Wealthy Women I haven’t looked back. Not only has my knowledge in all things to do with Wealth Creation improved, I’ve built my own website and written an ebook which is selling like hotcakes!!! I’ve managed to purchase my first investment property and make $50,000 growth in the space of 4 months! My mindset has improved tenfold – I entered a raffle last weekend and actually won 3 PRIZES in a row! And I’ve met some wonderful people and made some valuable new friends. If that’s not ‘success on a plate’, I don’t know what is! Thank goodness I found Wildly Wealthy Women – thank you!!”


Gold Coast QLD

“From having an accident and breaking my spine in 3 places and being in the depths of despair (attempting suicide a number of times but obviously not very good at it) I discovered you. Since then I have published three books as well as contributing to one of your compilation books. I have my own website, write a column for a magazine as well as being featured as an ‘online expert’ for a number of women’s sites and inspire women to create the life they love. My life has been turned around a full 180 degrees in less than twelve months. For that, I am grateful”

Danette Hibberd


“I have managed to reduce my debt by $30k since doing WWW. Reducing our debt is taking an enormous burden from our shoulders.”


Sunshine Coast

“Your program has changed my life. I was frustrated, stuck and hopeless and it didn’t matter how much I was making I couldn’t seem to keep it. Through the ISCA. I learned how to have a healthy relationship with money and now it sticks to me. I love money and money loves me. I learned how to feel the fear and do it anyway, how to really love myself again. I live in the moment, I no longer live in the past and the future. I learned about vibration and the power of love, about Gratitude and celebrating successes. I learned how powerful my mind is and how beautiful my inner spirit is. I learned how to be still and listen to my spirit and how to be the Creator of my life. This is the best gift you could have given me. Your course is magical and inspiring. Sandy, you are changing lives at a cellular level. I am now a successful coach and author. I haven’t even advertised yet and I have people wanting to be coached by me and people waiting for me to do seminars and workshops. My new life since your program is exciting, and full of endless possibilities. Thanks to you I believe I can do anything and I want to inspire others as you did me”

Lori Rempel


“When I first read your book Wildly Wealthy FAST I was so shocked to realize I had a poverty consciousness. I was bankrupt and a long way from realizing my dreams. I lived in financial struggle every day. I read your book every year and got something new every time. I did what you told me to do… and today I sat thinking of your work and how it has impacted my life. I live in a beautiful house, work when I choose to in my own very successful business. I employ six people. I walk on the beach whenever I want. I am sitting by the pool you helped me visualize. I am living the life I dreamed that you helped me create. I am abundant and rocketing toward wildly wealthy, doing what I love. Thank you Sandy for sharing what you know. It changed my stars xx

Isabelle Cunningham-Doolan

Queensland, Australia

“Since first reading Sandy’s book How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST back in 2007 I have been on a manifesting mission! I have moved from rainy London to beautiful sunny Perth Australia, gone from a horrific relationship to one with the love of my life, manifested an awesome job, $10,000 lottery win, a new car/house/motorbike/boat…. Wow, the list is endless and just keeps happening! While I was out finishing on our new boat today with my gorgeous hunk of Aussie man, I just felt so incredibly grateful for the fact a friend gave me that book back then. I may still have been stuck in London otherwise! Thanks Sandy for everything you do to inspire others xxx”

Carly Evans

“I am SO EXCITED to be part of Wildly Wealthy Women… I don’t have the words to describe my happiness at being involved with such an inspiring group! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Juanita O.

“My husband and I run 3 small businesses out of home. We have no children of our own so we also foster part time.

In 18 months of implementing some of the ideas I learnt through Sandy’s Academy we have been able to double our income with one of our businesses. We are now going to spend 3 weeks in Beijing volunteering for the Australian Olympic Committee in the Olympic village for our holiday. We are able to donate some time to our joint passions of volunteering and sport which also helps our country and our athletes. Thanks so much to our wonderful mentors.”

Barbara Smith

Port Macquarie, Australia

“I’m a stay at home mum. Sandy’s Academy has helped me to discover my life’s passions and dreams and has given me the tools and the confidence I need to chase them. My dream is to have multiple streams of income so that I can work from home and continue to travel around the world. In just 12 months of being a member I’ve bought property, raised the value of my Australian home, started 2 online businesses and have just manifested an opportunity to move back to the US. I could not have done this without the teachings and team at WWW.”


Mooloolaba, Aust.