Become an Inspired Spirit Coach and YOU TOO Could Have a Great Success Story to Tell!

I am so glad I joined the ISCA, I love the uplifting and empowering energy of the group and I knowing together we are co-creating a better world, one of enlightened entrepreneurs and awakened individuals. The best things are the supportive community, professional delivery, great structure and amazing, detailed yet simplified content.

I had my first paying client within 4 weeks of starting the program and if someone was thinking about joining, I’d say “Why are you still sitting here listening to me?? Run to your computer and SIGN UP, it will be the best investment you’ll ever make in your life.”
Helen F., Australia

My biggest win was transitioning away from a 25 year career in Digital Marketing implementation to aligning my future toward my passion while growing my coaching business where I support other female entrepreneurs visions for success.
Sara K, U.S.A.

I’ve been reading personal development books and spending lots of dollars on workshops for the past 20 years but have never experienced the transformation I’ve felt in the last 18 months through the ISCA. I’d been stuck in a ‘job’ for 27 years and didn’t know where or how to start my own business. The ISCA has done just that – given me a complete business.
Jude S.

AUDIO CHAT – listen as Sandy chats with Cathy about how the ISCA has impacted her life

*Cathy’s Update*

This has been one of my best decisions ever – I’ve done lots of personal development and this is the icing on the cake – wow! I had my first paying client the very first week of my training – I’m feeling so grateful and abundant in so many ways and looking forward to so much growth for myself.
Rosemary O., Australia

Before ISCA I was a bartender. I knew I was meant for more but had no idea what. Now I’m a full time coach who has fully stepped into her feminine power with a clear mission and goal to make a big impact. I’m so proud of myself for the commitment to see this through. I feel like I’m finally home.
Krystee H, U.S.A.

Am I glad I joined the ISCA? Oh my god, am I glad or what! So very grateful to be a part of this. I started working with paying clients in the first month and if someone asked me what is the best thing about the ISCA I’d say “All of it! But probably connecting with the amazing like minded people.
Carly E., Australia

Confidence to Become an Author
The ISCA has given me the tools and confidence to share my message in my book ‘Happy Mind Formula’. It’s also given me a new confidence and sense of purpose which reflects in the way I feel each and every day.

I love the ISCA and the sense of community and learning, I feel I have found my calling. The best part is learning about the Law Of Attraction and the fact you get international recognition, plus I love that the sessions are recorded so you can re-listen as many times as you want. I am finding it so inspirational it’s truly a magical learning experience.
Heidi F., Australia

I love the spiritual content of the program and the practicality of the course. I love the power and freedom I feel within; the joy and ease of supporting other people. Sandy and the ISCA helped me to rediscover the great person within and have given me back my confidence to do things I didn’t think I could do. From the very depths of my heart thank you very much Sandy for making a difference in my life.
Sandy F., Australia

The ISCA has changed my life completely and I know exactly where I want to be. It’s a complete program that not only enables me to have my own business but also changes me from the inside out – it’s amazing value.
Pamela C., Australia

I was searching for a program to teach me how to start coaching and build my confidence. With the ISCA I got a lot more and it is just the beginning. I actually started coaching others in the 2nd week, I would never have been able to do this on my own. Now I am ready to transition out of my financial practice and sell it to start my coaching practice. This is best investment I have made and I have spent lots of money on my personal development.
Chantal S., Canada

Joining the ISCA is absolutely without a doubt the best choice I have ever made. I’ve come from a hopeless situation to such a positive inspiring journey which has given me my life back with enormous hope and joy. From nearly losing everything to a new world opening, I honestly feel re-born. The best thing is not only is the program amazing and so exciting and well structured, but the huge support in all areas. For me personally the beautiful amazing people I am having the pleasure of connecting with is a true blessing and so enriching and encouraging along this special journey! I am in heaven thank you UNIVERSE for attracting all these wonderful people into my life! My husband and I were on the very brink of losing everything but this course and where it has put me on a metaphysically, physically and emotionally words cannot describe – it has saved my life and my marriage!
Lauren K., Australia

My confidence in myself and as a coach grew as I practiced the materials in my own life. I have manifested my dream car for a fraction of the price, I manifested our house and a location to practice my coaching and have attracted clients to sign up for more coaching sessions.
April N, U.S.A.

I ran a prosperity for writers course and had clients double their business, meet a 6-figure money goal, embrace the vision of their future and increase confidence exponentially. That coaching session was a game changer, it helped ME gain clarity on my ability to coach and I am infinitely more confident and feel well supported in my coaching practice. I feel limitless.
Jane S., U.S.A.

The ISCA is the best well rounded coaching course that exists!! It covers not only the actual coaching process but the spiritual and self-growth aspects and the business and marketing aspects. Am I glad I joined? Absolutely!!! No question about it!
Eva C., Australia

In my heart I never doubted my desire in becoming a coach but my head however made me unsure as I had to come to terms with investing money into this business. However I listened to my heart and I soon realised how silly I was even thinking this way. The value of my investment to become an Inspired Spirit Coach has been worth every dollar and so much more. The support and knowledge I have been given I cannot even put a $ amount to. There is nothing in the world more valuable than not only my incredible coaching business that I have now created but more importantly the personal transformation I undertook in completing the course. The world has never looked the same. People sound different and I now have the ability to listen to what they are saying differently. I have been given the tools and tips and knowledge to be able to transform their lives by helping them just to think differently. Sometimes I feel like I have been given this incredible Secret to life happiness guide book and all I want to do is share it with as many people as I can.

My Inspired Spirit Coaching business is my life and my work, the two have combined into one and I just want to do it forever. I feel so excited that I know one day I will be remembered as someone who added value to others lives and I made the world a better place by helping others create the success and the life they desired.

Training with the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy has been an incredible journey. I put everything into place and attracted incredible clients and I know that the sky is the limit!!!!
Kylie B., Australia

From 60 + hrs per Week in an Awful, Degrading Job with Low Pay To Starting My Own Unlimited Coaching Business That Fills Me With Passion and Purpose!
I discovered coaching a few years ago and I knew it was what I wanted. I made a mind movie about becoming a life coach, and tried saving the money for the course, but it didn’t come and I started to give up on my dream. When I found out about the ISCA I knew it was PERFECT for me. What I needed to learn personally was there, the lesson delivery via internet and the repayment system, all meant I could do it in my current situation. The way the course was presented, via calls that were recorded (so I could listen when I had time), meant that I would never miss a class. The assurance that I could go at my own pace, meant that no matter how slow I was, it was OK.

The information offered was amazing both in content and amount. The complete package meant ALL I needed to know to become a great life coach was available to me. Both the personal growth side and the business side. PLUS all the bonuses – WOW Value PLUS! I was REALLY excited. Being able to pay it off, meant that I could start NOW and not have to raise the whole amount up front. I sold things on eBay for the first monthly payment, and started to implement the Law of Attraction for the rest. On the last day to join, the second half of the payment came to me. I had faith. This was what I was meant to do. IT WAS ALL HAPPENING! My dreams were coming true! I knew I would find/ attract the other payments as well. So why Sandy’s course? Because it spoke to my soul. All I knew, but didn’t know I knew, until I reheard it, was there. It connected as soon as I heard it. People talk of light bulbs going off, and flashes of light, well, I cried. It was like I had come home and finally SOMEONE was speaking MY language. A long forgotten one, but one that meant so much to me. To learn ( relearn?) about the Universal Laws and to read Sandy’s Book ‘Wildly Wealthy Fast” was fantastic. Just what I had been looking for. Even though, at the time I had no idea that this information was what my soul was searching for, to fill the void and ease the ache. Once I read it heard it, I knew.

  • What has the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy done for me?
  • (Where do I start? This is a book in itself!)
  • From humble abode – to mansion on the hill.
  • From not even a honeymoon – to family holiday in the tropics.
  • From Clutter – to order.
  • From NO self esteem – to I love and accept myself!
  • From Victim – to Victor!
  • From Poverty – to money in the bank!
  • From limiting beliefs-: to I will do whatever it takes! The Universe will show me the way. The past IS PAST!
  • From 60 + hrs per week in an awful, degrading job with low pay – to starting my unlimited own coaching business, that fills me with passion and purpose!
  • From nothing to say – to where do I start?

I LOVE MY LIFE! THANK YOU Sandy! I would recommend this program to people that have always felt there is more to life, but don’t know what it is. To people who have an overwhelming desire to help others, but are not sure how. To people who want to wake up each day filled with joy and passion about the difference they are making, in both their own lives and the lives of others. People who are READY for the ride of their lives, because if all the learnings are applied, their lives will be changed for the better, forever. As Sandy says ‘if I can do it, anyone can.
Wendy A., Australia

I had been flirting with the idea of becoming a life coach for years and was searching for something that would make my heart sing. The second I heard about Sandy’s Inspired Spirit Coach training it was a serendipitous moment and knew this was what I’d been yearning to do.

My first month in coaching, although I was nervous I knew it was my calling and I was grateful I finally made the leap. It’s given me clarification and structure for my coaching business. I gained knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws.

That first month I made $225… I now have a healthy 6-figure [now multiple 7-figure] coaching practice and it all started with those first few sessions, following the ISCA script word for word.
Denise Duffield-Thomas, Australia

I’d been working to help people grow personally and spiritually for a long time (25+ years) and was needing to increase my income level considerably. I had an intuitive sense that this was the next step for me personally and professionally. The benefits of joining the ISCA have been a far greater awareness of the impact of my thinking on my business, as well as specific business strategies. It was a nice blend of metaphysical and practical strategies at every level of business. The networking and support and encouragement of other coaches has lead directly to my own Meditation Radio programme each week.

I would you recommend the ISCA to anyone who is already working with people but not making sufficient income, or anyone wanting to harmonise metaphysical principles into their business. Doing the ISCA training has helped me develop to a level personally and professionally where I have the confidence to put myself and my work out into the world in a new way.
Jasmine S., New Zealand

I was a trainer/mentor in the real estate industry and while I helped people reach their goals and targets I realized this didn’t necessarily make them happy. By becoming an Inspired Spirit Coach I knew I could help people holistically (from the inside out) which would give them true and lasting joy and happiness – hence my business name: The Joyful Life. The most important aspect from joining the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy has been meeting amazing like-minded people and learning and sharing with each other – including forming business Joint Ventures. I’d recommend the ISCA to anyone who wants to make themselves a better person so they can go out into the world and make a difference.
Bernadette G., New Zealand

When I read the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy’s curriculum I was very excited about the content and felt it was the perfect certification program for me. Working with Sandy and having access to her energy has been great. She absolutely makes me feel like I can create success in my life just as she has been able to do. I like how the training is organized, the coaching models used to guide us, and the training on setting up a profitable coaching business.
Debra B., U.S.A

I joined the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy because of my desire to empower and inspire people to be the best they can be, to create abundance in all areas of theirlife, and to acquire the belief to know that with Universal Laws anything can be. I love networking with other coaches around the world, the camaraderie is unbelievably empowering. My entire world has changed because of the ISCA. When I think of the person I was when I began the course and the person I am today it takes my breath away. I am so grateful I made the leap and jumped right in.
Chris F., U.S.A

I was a business coach and was using universal law in my coaching anyway but was no longer getting the fulfillment I wanted out of Business Coaching so ISCA came along at just the right time for me to make the transition. No regrets!!! The Biggest Benefit of the ISCA is it’s community – I now work with coaches in AUS and USA. I quickly moved into attracting a new client base. As an experienced coach I would recommend this training to anyone who is genuinely committed to becoming a coach as many new coaches struggle with getting their business started.
Jenny D., New Zealand

I was considering which way to follow my desire to make a difference in others’ lives. I had completed a Cert 1V in Counselling but didn’t continue my career as a counsellor as the processes weren’t as effective as I’d like. I was immediately attracted to having the specific teachings the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy offered and it immediately gave me the confidence and belief that this is the way for me to achieve my goals – confidence that I can successfully make any change in my life with support. There are so many benefits of working with the ISCA…

– Fantastic processes to take my clients through to achieve their goals. It’s all done for me and I know it works!!
– Accountability. I have achieved so much since working through the processes we’re taught. I am 100% committed to following through with exercises to transform my life – before I would think, “That’s a great exercise I must do.” then put it aside and life would stay the same. My life has already changed in so many ways and I’ll never go back to the old ways.
– Better relationships with family, work colleagues and friends.
– Letting go of the fear of failure that has held me back.

I’d recommend the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy to anyone who would like to make a difference in others’ lives through coaching, while transforming their own lives. Thanks so much Sandy for developing the ISCA Program.

Jude S.

I was unsure about joining the ISCA because I was already a certified coach and I was wondering if I would get more information that I did not know and also if it would help me to develop my business. However I’ve really benefited from all the additional tools and the connections and the opoprtunity to do other things. I would recommend the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy to anyone who would like to become a coach, or improve their life.
Andrea K., Australia

I knew becoming an Inspired Spirit Coach was my calling. When I read Sandy’s book ‘How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast’ it just blew me away, and the excitement never left me. I could relate to this so well that I knew that I just wanted to share it with the world and what better way than to become an ISCA coach. The ISCA is just confirmation after comfirmation for me. The benefits of being able to offically/legally help others is something I’m very grateful for and for understanding that we don’t have to be perfect to do anything in our lives.
Debbie J., Australia

I discovered the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy when I was trying to find my purpose and it seemed the right thing for me, I still feel that way. I feel more confident talking my talk. I love that we have a specific steps to follow if we want, to keep us on track, it makes me I feel I know what I’m doing.
Sue D., Australia

I love the fact the ISCA is internet based and people from all over the world can join. There’s so many benefits, including connecting to other coaches, all the training materials supplied, and the structure to work with. I feel part of a big family and all connect and share our experiences and knowledge. Also, I appreciate that Sandy is always working in the background to bring more value to this ISCA network and its members.
Pari B., United Kingdom

I am convinced coaching with a metaphysical slant is my higher purpose. I was saying the affirmation “when the student is ready the master will come” and along came the ISCA. It was an opportunity to learn from Sandy Forster whom I admire, is one of my Mentors and for me is already in the same category as Wayne dyer, John Gray, Eric Butterworth etc. etc.



    The benefits I’ve received include but are not limited to…

  • a) Unbelievable value for money.
  • b) A tried and proven formula to inspire and develop people from all walks of life – just the tool I have been looking for
  • c) Opportunity to learn from a master and other like minded coaches
  • d) Support and strategies to build a successful coaching business
  • e) Exposure to sophisticated and cost effective marketing concepts
  • f) Resources and materials to enhance my coaching success
  • g) Opportunity to recover the coaching investment through the sale of bonus products provided.
  • h) Networking opportunities with other Coaches and businesses
  • i) Association with a world class organization
  • j) Clients practically handed to me on a platter
  • k) Opportunity to be published alongside famous guru’s in the same field
  • l) Provides tangible strategies to convert my belief system into manifestations
  • m) Renewed passion, enthusiasm and that ‘fire in the belly’ I’ve been missing for a while

I would recommend the ISCA training to anyone who is… wanting to change their life for the better, interested in personal development and building a business that involves helping other people. People who are interested in becoming a coach or already an experienced coach or currently managing or supervising people, involved in training of any kind or interested in the metaphysical Why? It’s simple yet powerful, structured yet flexible, valuable yet cost effective but most important it is life changing and very much needed in the world today.
Jessica N., Australia

*Belinda’s Update*
“9 years ago I was in Fiji about to facilitate my first retreat! Little did I know then that I would go on to create different retreat destinations in Fiji, Bali and Australia. I’ve welcome over 1,000+ women from all over the world and facilitated over 60 sold out retreats. Although this journey was never planned, I found my calling… Retreats”

Ever since I can remember I have loved universal laws and I love observing how they work in my life and in the lives of others. I have been given so much over the years from Universal Laws that it is my responsibility to make a space for other people to choose if this is the way they want to go. Being a ISCA Coach allows me to do that and get abundantly paid at the same time. I have grown into the person I always wanted to be. I am abundantly wealthy within myself, and that is a direct result of working the Universal laws in my daily life. Personally I would recommend the ISCA to anyone who wanted a life changing experience. To me the program is balanced, informative, uplifting and challenging, but it also offers solutions, strategies, and practical ways to make these transformational processes easy to deal with.
Gay C, Australia

I have had success working with both men, women and adolescents, using the ISCA approach. I was attracted to the unique blend of Coaching using visualisations, affirmations, The Universal Laws and the thought of learning specific Life Coach skills. I have found the step-by-step weekly coaching programe immensly valuable and important for me as I can now move clients forward with more confidence in myself and create more value for my clients. I consider the ISCA to be a great personal development tool irrespective of whether or not the desire is to actually coach others.
Collin L , New Zealand

I was unsure about the ISCA because I wasn’t sure I was capable of being a coach, I had doubts about my abilities. However I just ‘knew’ it was an excellent thing for me to do.
The benefits I’ve received through the Aacademy are:

  • (i) Joined a JV with all the other ISCA coaches & created ISOUL (International Specialists Of Universal Law)
  • (ii) Put the ISCA coaching principles into practice in my own personal life.
  • (iii) Have been able to make some huge adjustments to my life-style, using those principles, and am leading more of the life I want to lead
  • (iv) It has had a huge influence on my son’s life
  • (v) More freedom and less fear
  • (vi) Learnt a lot about marketing which has increased our profit in our present business.

I would recommend the ISCA to anyone in business, or wanting to go into their own business, because it gives sound advice on dealing in the marketplace, where everyone can ‘win’. Also anyone who is a parent, because using these principles can help foster good relationships and create workable solutions where everyone’s needs are met. So that covers almost everyone!

One of the things I most enjoyed about the ISCA training was having contact with so many like-minded people. Thank you for making that all possible Sandy.
Karen G., New Zealand

The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy has shown me how to set up a business on a small budget and how to attract the right clients.
Anna G.

I was a coach and am still a coach, but now I’ve expanded into offering services that light me up. I have more abundance now and that makes me feel excited!
Cooper G., U.S.A.

The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy Training program will be a constant reminder that everything and anything is truly possible if you truly believe.

Training with the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy has improved my business by letting me offer another layer of assistance to my feng shui clients. Our income has increased and I am happier, calmer and less worried about our financial flow.
Minnie K

The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy has allowed me to start my business – the marketing training was great. It has given me so many tools to make things flow more easily and given me more self-belief.
Susan C

Before discovering the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy my life was filled with the familiar ~ work hard, pay off your mortgage and then work even harder to secure your retirement and pray you’re healthy enough to enjoy it.

3 years ago I was working hard in various management positions which included a company car, paying off a mortgage and feeling completely empty on the inside. What I REALLY wanted to do was to live simply, only work 3 months a year and spend the rest of the time doing things that had heart and meaning for me. How on earth could I make that shift? I thought only rich people could afford to work that little.

Today my life is exactly as I want. I earn $1,200 a day in my business which allows me to work just 60 days a year. The other nine months I spend doing things that have heart and meaning for me spiritually and emotionally.

Life is a wonderful adventure and I’m now a deliberate participant. At the end of the day, who could really ask for more?

“The ISCA gave me motivation and inspiration to become a better person. Its been very well designed and structured – what you learn in this course is essential in life. It should be taught in our schools”.
Juliana C.

“I had been looking for ‘something’ I could do to earn amazing money from home (as I have a baby) and for me the decider was the value, the bonuses and the personal guarantee. The ISCA is pushing me way out of my comfort zone but for the first time ever I feel that is a good thing. I love that the curriculum is different and exciting and that there is so much flexibility, accessibility, support and value. Anyone who is thinking about joining the ISCA should just do it! Invest in yourself and use the material to better yourself and your life while creating a career you love!! Why wouldn’t you do it!!”
Renee C.

“Since joining the ISCA, I’m feeling a lot more confident in myself and my abilities – every area of my life is changing. I am an introvert and haven’t socialized a lot the last 13 years and have been surprised at how far I have come. The best thing about the ISCA is that I can study from home, start practicing early on and have paying clients before course is finished. Having coaching models and scripts to follow makes it easy. It’s easy for anyone to have their own business from home and earn good money all within a short space of time.”
Kim H.

“The course material and presentation is HUGELY valuable, and I love the energy and support of Sandy and the other coaching students. Authenticity, sincerity, inspiration, healing, nurturing, responsive, proactive – all those things describe the ISCA training. I feel extremely confident about my training when I speak to clients and prospective clients. And being confident in my success is the BEST client conversion tool!”
Linda C.

“I am very glad I joined the ISCA as I’ve changed. Everyone says I am much calmer, I don’t live in the past anymore, I am always looking to the future. I love mixing with like minded people who want the same as I want. I also have much more confidence about my own self and my growing business. I just love ISCA. I have been coached before but never have I been given so much information. ISCA has such a lot of resources to tap into and so much information for learning about myself and learning how to be a fantastic coach. I also believe its the best value coaching available online. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in coaching or just want to feel good about their life. There is nothing like this, its such good value for money.”
Maggie H.

“The ISCA gives me real skills and a qualification to do what I have been doing (but not so well) for years with my enthusiasm and ability to help people follow their dreams. I would say to anyone thinking about joining the ISCA – this will change your life. It helps you to realize your dreams and takes you from existing to living, from fear to love. It gives you skills you can apply to your own life plus make money using these skills to help others. The Academy puts you in touch with a fraternity of spiritually aware people who wish to better their lives and reach their full potential and who offer support and friendship from all over the world”.
Nina A.

“I love the course content as it’s given me the direction I needed with my business. My clients are absolutely loving the coaching and I’m absolutely loving the challenge.”
Cheryl S.