26 Apr Celebrate 20 years with me!

A little bit late (but that’s my life haha) celebrating World Book Day.

I can’t believe how quickly time flies. And sometimes I can’t believe how long I’ve been sharing and teaching and inspiring others to manifest money!
After going from welfare to millionaire I just had to let everyone know my secrets, so I put it into a book…


Twenty years ago I remember going for a swim at the beach and then stopping at the local book store. I was beyond thrilled for the first time to see my book not only on the shelves (a pinch me moment by itself) but proudly sitting next to Wayne Dyers book – he was a huge inspiration to me, so I felt I was living heaven on earth!


Part of me was excited beyond belief, but part of me, the imposter syndrome part, felt embarrassed and thought maybe people will read it and won’t like it or think “Who does she think she is writing a book??!!”

But I’m so happy to say my book How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world, gone on to win the Body, Mind, Spirit Awards of Europe and I’ve created an entire business and movement around it.

I’m so proud and grateful for what I’ve created and for all the lives I’ve changed and continue to change every day.


The updated version is now available on Amazon – kindle, print and my favorite – on Audible.

If you love the Law of Attraction, re-wiring the brain and manifesting money, make sure you check it out and get yourself a copy – links below!



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Get your paperback or Kindle book here:

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