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Manifesting what you really desire is about focus; it’s about thinking about what you DO want to attract in your life, rather than what you DON’T want to attract.

‘Desire Statements’ are an amazing tool to keep you focused on your desires and empower you to manifest those desires. You can create them for any area of your life, I’ve used them for my physical health, for relationships, businesses and of course, manifesting money!

Today I’m going to share one I used to create a successful business (in a completely new industry) in a very short space of time….

Your Ultimate Vision

Basically, a Desire Statement is a one or two-page outline of how you’d like something to be; how the perfect outcome would look and what your ultimate vision looks like.

I once attended a seminar where they mentioned they were looking for additional coaches to work with them on a part-time basis from home – “Go and see our Trainer in the break if you want to know more”.

I like to know everything, so along I went. Even though they didn’t need any Australian coaches, I decided coaching would be a great way to make additional money.

At the time, I didn’t even understand what a coach was, but I thought I could surely learn, and then I’d have an additional stream of income.

When I returned to Australia, I attended a three-day seminar for the company I was working with at the time. The English facilitator of the seminar just happened to be in Australia with a plan to start a coaching company.

I had NO clue

Shortly after I was attending an information evening for her new coach training academy launching in Australia to find out more, and at the end of the night excitedly signed up to be part of the very first intake of coaching students – still having NO real clue what a coach actually did!

Mind you, I had to borrow the money for the training (I was $100,000 in debt and on welfare at the time). And even though I was advised not to waste my money on trying something new again, I just felt this was right for me.

After completing the training, I came away with everything I needed to get me going as a Life Coach – except clients and the confidence to make it happen.

The Power of Writing it Down

I already knew the power of writing something down, so I decided to be very specific around this topic. Keep in mind, when I wrote this out, I had only just completed my coach training. I had zero ideas about HOW I would be able to build a coaching practice, although I did know the Universe takes care of the ‘hows’ if you just get really clear on WHAT it is you want.

So I wrote out my “Coaching Desire Statement’ which included ALL the things I wanted to create…

The types of clients, how many new clients a month, how I felt, how much I made, the type of coach I was. I also included being a coach trainer (because I like to think big). Below is actually my original draft which I was going to revise and ‘polish up’ but never got around to doing… but it shows the Universe is listening all the time.

Coaching Desire Statement

My coaching practice is rapidly expanding – I now easily and effortlessly attract positive,
easy-going, successful, motivated, fun people who want to move to the next level in their
lives and are willing to do what it takes.

I work with at least 15 new clients each month from around the world coaching them
toward their own individual successes.

They love my style of coaching and are thrilled with the results they are achieving since
partnering with me. They happily refer their friends and business associates to me, and
my business just keeps expanding. It gives me such a feeling of fulfillment and a sense of
accomplishment when I see my clients achieving their goals.

I have been trained as a Life Coach Trainer, and regularly train new groups of Life
Coaches around Australasia. I have completed my Corporate Coach Training and am in
demand as a highly successful Corporate Coach and make in excess of $2000 a month
per client.

It fills me with such pride to see how far my practice has progressed in such a short space
of time, and my children and friends are excited with what I have achieved for myself. I
am able to choose my own hours and retain the flexibility and freedom that I love so

I now effortlessly attract abundance into my life and warmly embrace the prosperity that
flows towards me and surrounds me now. My business and savings are growing even as I
sleep, and my investments are making my money rapidly multiply.

I am swimming in an area of money, surrounded by a flood of riches, and am at one with absolute abundance, plentiful prosperity, unlimited wealth and total financial freedom.

When I wrote this desire statement, as I said, I had NO IDEA how it would come to pass. But less than six months later I DID have an international coaching practice. I had clients from the US, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, France, England, Germany and Ireland – and they loved my style of coaching.

Within that 6 months, I was also selected to be a Life Coach Trainer and was sent to various places around Australia to train new groups of coaches. When I wrote I wanted to be a trainer, again, I had no idea how I would be able to do that, I just (once again) thought it would be a great additional stream of income!

One of the things I had written down – about being a Corporate Coach – I ended up not doing. I acquired a few corporate clients but decided, soon after coaching them for a short while, that I really wanted to focus on teaching others how to attract prosperity and abundance into their lives. I decided Corporate Coaching really wasn’t my focus.

Everything I Had Written Down Had Happened

Within six months about 90% of everything I had written down had happened. It can be that easy and it can happen for you too!

The exciting thing is because I used this technique to create a successful coaching business quickly and live a lifestyle most people would love I had so many people say, “I want to do what you’re doing! I love the Law of Attraction, I love personal development, I want to choose where and when to work, I want to make great money part-time, I want to become the best me possible. How can I do what you’re doing?”

So, in 2008 I founded the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy This is my coach certification program where I train people who have no idea about coaching, and turn them into a confident coach who is a master at using the dozens of Law of Attraction processes and exercises and tips they learn. They transform their own life and then impact their clients’ lives and we’ve trained people around the world (now over 25 countries) through our life-changing program to become certified Law of Attraction Coaches with the confidence to create a coaching business they love!

If You’re Ready to Transform Your Life

We love to welcome new people into our supportive community, so if you’re ready to transform your life and make a difference in the world I invite you to take at look at www.Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy.com

When it comes to your Desire Statement you can include what you want, such: the sort of people you’d like to work with; how often you want to work; how much money you want to make; how you feel now you’re successful; what you’re doing day to day.

Don’t get your logical mind too involved in the process. If you want a better job or business, just put in the guidelines for what you want and let the Universe take care of the rest.

You can be very involved and go into great detail, and the more the better, but if it’s so long that you don’t have time to read it, then that’s defeating the purpose. So you may be better to do as I did and keep it brief, but really see it and feel it when you read it.

The Universe is Waiting

This works; it’s worked for me and hundreds of my clients and my coaches – it’s easy, it’s fun and it’s fast. You just have to do it! The Universe is waiting to give you what you desire – you just have to place your order!

P.S. If you’d love to make great money while becoming the best version of yourself… find out more or register to take part in our Law of Attraction coach training program, we’re taking registrations now so visit: www.InspiredSpiritCoachingAcademy.com

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