08 Jul Do You Deserve to Be Wealthy?

One of the biggest blocks to receiving abundance is the feeling you don’t deserve it. For some people this feeling is right up on the surface. They know they don’t feel deserving of prosperity. For most, however, it’s an emotion or belief that’s buried deep under the surface. They may not even be aware of the belief, yet it’s blocking them from receiving.

If you take a look at some of the wealthiest people around the planet, you’ll find the majority of them feel they deserve to be rich. They may have inherited it and therefore have an inborn sense of deserving. Or they may have earned it and therefore feel proud of their accomplishments.

Money is Energy

Wealth and abundance are an energy, just like everything else in our Universe. When you open yourself up to receiving this energy, it flows to you. If you’re closed off (because of a limiting belief) then it flows away from you or it sometimes finds a way to flow to you but it quickly flows away again. The first step to unblocking this flow is to remove your limiting beliefs.

Spend some time thinking about money and connect with how you feel about it. What sayings or thoughts enter your mind from time to time? For example, think about whether you ever say to yourself, “I’m just not meant to be rich.” Or “I never seem to have enough money.” Other thoughts might be “rich people are selfish,” or “If I have money, people won’t like me.”

Are Your Money Thoughts True?

When you identify a thought about money, ask yourself if it’s really true. For example, are all rich people selfish? Bill Gates is rich, and he and his wife are tremendous philanthropists. I’ve given away tens of thousands of dollars to causes I believe in – I’d never be able to do that if I didn’t have money. The truth is that you probably know selfish people both rich and money challenged and you probably know generous people too. Money doesn’t have much to do with being selfish.

Transform Your Money Beliefs

You can one by one, remove or transform your beliefs about money. Replace those beliefs that don’t serve you with affirmations and positive thoughts about money and prosperity. Here are a few affirmations to consider.

  1. I am wealthy right now.
  2. I am worthy of receiving abundance.
  3. I am grateful for the prosperity I have in my life.
  4. I feel good about money and deserve and abundance of it in my life.
  5. I love money and money loves me and it is drawn to me just like a magnet

Affirmations are Powerful

Keep in mind that for an affirmation to be as powerful as it can be, you want to be able to connect with it. If you say it and don’t believe it then there’s still work to be done. But it’s simply a matter of continuing to recognize and change your unsupportive beliefs with strong, empowered and inspired thoughts around money, prosperity and riches. And when you do, you will begin to see more abundance flow into your life!


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