28 Feb How Becoming A Published Author Will Transform Your Business

People often ask me the ONE thing that really impacted my life and my business, and I’d have to say (along with discovering the Law of Attraction) it would have to be…

Becoming a published author.

There is NOTHING like a book to propel your business to new heights and to massively increase your income. I say this from experience because once I had a book…

My credibility went through the roof, suddenly I was seen as someone special with something important to say!

Think about it… if you were comparing two people with a similar product or service, the one who had published a book about it would be automatically be seen as the expert, as the person who knew what they were doing and you’d trust them and their business more.

You’ll Be an Instant Expert

Your book allows you to become the ‘instant expert’.

I found doors of opportunity opened for me that were previously closed, I was able to connect with people who may otherwise have ignored me…

Perception is everything these days, and having a book allows you to stand out from the crowd,to be head and shoulders above everyone else who has not taken the steps to become an author.

Big Money to Be Made Fast

Once I published my book, I found a unique way to promote it and made almost $100,000 from book sales in the first few months alone – that’s BIG money from a book, considering they usually sell for less than $20 a copy.

Since then I’ve created over $11 million, and I know more than anything, becoming an author was when things really took off.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

So I encourage you, if you want to take your business to the next level, take action and write that book!

Also, when you write your book, you want to then think about creating products and programs based on your book, because if people love what they read, they will want MORE!

And the easiest way to build your business is by offering more to your current buyers, plus its way easier and more profitable than trying to continually find new customers.


Over $200,000 of FREE Publicity

I was able to get TONS of media and PR – in fact over $200,000 worth – at NO cost, simply because I knew how to use a book to create interest…

And of course all that free publicity bought me a TON of new clients and customers…

The media is always looking for new and interesting stories to share with their readers, they have to come up with a TON of material. Knowing how to use your book is a gift that will keep on giving for decades.

Make sure you take advantage of your book and get Press Releases to TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines. Not everyone will run your story, but you’d be surprised at how many do!

This is priceless and costs you NOTHING.

Last week, just before I was about to jump on a plane to take me from Australia to the U.S. to attend a marketing seminar, I received an email that blew me away…

International Award Winner!

The email said my updated 2018 edition of How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST was a WINNER in the Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Awards of Europe!

From all the books entered from around the world, my book (which I like to think of as ‘my baby’) WON the Abundance Manifesting category.

I feel SO grateful, and blessed and honored.

This award allows me to have even more opportunities to get PR and media attention and get my book in front of a whole new audience who want to know more about manifesting money using the Law of Attraction.

And the icing on the cake is… I get to reach even more people and make a bigger difference, I get to impact more lives around the planet and transform their prosperity, their abundance and their destiny.


It All Starts With One Book

I feel so grateful for my book and how it has introduced people to all the other products and programs I’ve created . I’ve always said my book is a big business card!

The true growth of my business ALL started with one book.

People are always asking me how I wrote my book, how I thought up the name, how I got published, how I promoted it and made so much money from one book…

Truthfully, that’s more than I can share in one blog post!

But I do love showing others how easy it is to write a book and become published and make a stack of money from it, in fact one of my clients, Denise Duffield-Thomas who went through my Millionaire Author Secrets program said:

I’ve written two books and used your course to do them. That first book got me a lot of speaking engagements which then got me more coaching clients. Now my business is completely different from that first $200 a month. It’s now a really successful multi-six figure [now 7 figure] business. And it just brings me so much satisfaction and joy

Want Millionaire Author Secrets?

If you’d love to be like Denise and dozens of my clients from around the world, and you’re ready to write, publish and sell your book and create an entire business around it, but you’d love some support and guidance to make it happen, then I encourage you to take a look at Millionaire Author Secrets.

I can’t wait to see YOUR name on the cover of a book and I can’t hear how becoming a published author has propelled your business and life to a whole new level.