11 Oct How To Improve Your Life Using the Law of Attraction

Being wealthy is your birthright, yet maybe you haven’t learned how much the Universe loves, adores and supports you, (Hint, it’s even more than you could ever imagine!) and you haven’t learned how to use the Law of Attraction to powerfully manifest the abundance you desire and deserve.

Once you understand the secrets of the Law of Attraction, things can change fast!

If you have heard anything about this universal law, you might already know that you attract into your life the things you focus on. It makes it sound easy to say that if you pay attention to something you will create it, but even though that is true, you may not have succeeded yet.

Why is that?

You haven’t yet learned how to align your body, mind and spirit to really center yourself and manifest abundance into your relationships, your bank accounts, and your life. You might have been in a situation where you think you want something, but you don’t really believe it is possible. That makes it hard for the Universe to send it to you, because “like attracts like” and your energy is in a state of disbelief and lack. If you put out negative energy and thoughts, you’ll see that come back as the Universe delivers according to who you are and how you’re showing up, not just what you are wanting.

So what is it that makes your heart sing? What is it you want to create? Are you ready to really feel the good that is coming your way?


Improve your life by using the Law of Attraction with these 4 steps:

Improve your life using the Law of Attraction: fill your heart with gratitude.

1. Fill your heart with gratitude.

When you bring gratitude into your life on a daily basis; I guarantee you will not be the same person in a couple of months once you do this every day. 

It can be simple things, like “I’m so grateful I watched the sunrise this morning because I got to see the orange hues and see the beauty.”

Use a gratitude journal to write things down every day, no matter how small.

At first you might forget, and have to remind yourself to go fill out the journal. But over time certain things will happen during the day and immediately you’ll think “Oh, that would be a great thing to write down in my gratitude journal.”

Then what happens is you start to feel gratitude on a more consistent basis … and then you will find that you start looking for things to be grateful for.

Remember that what you focus on, you get more of in your life.

As you focus on abundance, get ready for more and more things to start appearing in your life that you will be so grateful for!

Improve your life using the Law of Attraction: tell the Universe what you want.

2. Tell the Universe what you want

Your first step may be knowing how to state what you want! 

Your gratitude journal will help you live in a state of gratitude, so it really can be your key to riches as you start expanding your energy and becoming magnetic to things that make you feel grateful.

Use that energy to think about what you want to manifest.

Write down the things that make your heart sing. Put pictures around your home (this is powerful even if you don’t look at them often!). Say out loud what you desire, to yourself and to the Universe.

Improve your life using the Law of Attraction: understand the power of knowledge and belief.

3. Understand the power of knowledge and belief in manifesting

Knowledge and belief make a huge difference when it comes to manifesting. I want to empower you to manifest faster, and to do that you’re going to have to understand the secrets of knowledge and belief.

You’ve probably heard it said that ‘knowledge is power’ but I believe it is more than that. The more you know about something the more powerful it becomes. So the more you know about manifesting, neuroscience, quantum physics and the ancient wisdom I share with you, the faster you will manifest.

The logical mind is always figuring out the what, the why, the when, the how. It’s constantly asking questions and coming up with the reasons why things won’t work. That’s no surprise because we’re hardwired for survival, from our caveman days, to be constantly on the lookout for threats.

However when the logical mind is satisfied and made to feel safe, it allows your creative mind to start creating magic and miracles.

I’m sure you’ve heard: “Your thoughts create your reality.”

Do you truly believe your thoughts create your reality?

I would guess you would be saying “Yes.”

My next question would be “Did you wake up this morning and consciously create your future?” Did you spend time actually seeing what it is you want to create? Putting your mind, your thoughts and your energy there at a heart level? Did you focus on your goals, your dreams, your desires?

Even though most people would say “Yes, I truly believe the way I think creates my reality” I know that few people actually spend the time consciously thinking about this at the start of every day.

And if you’re one of those people, why is that?

I believe it’s because you actually don’t believe it’s true, at a deep level. Or at least, you don’t believe it’s true for you.

Because if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that your thoughts DO create your reality - if you knew it in your body, mind and spirit, you wouldn’t let a day go by without first focusing on your dreams, desires and goals.

Practice feeling the life you want to manifest: the people you spend your time with, the money you have in your bank account, how you feel when you don’t have to worry about how you will pay your bills, the things you want to do and the places you want to go. See it like it’s a movie, and let it flood your senses so that you can experience what it is like, right now.

If you’re wondering why everything stays the same, it is because everything is all linked together. If you are thinking the same old thoughts every day, you will get the same old life.

Focus on the things you want - every single day - and you WILL manifest your dreams and goals faster!

Improve your life using the Law of Attraction: build your belief in what's possible.

4. Build your belief in what’s possible

By increasing your knowledge about the Law of Attraction and manifesting, the more you will increase your belief in your ability to become an amazing manifestor. Your logical self is able to get out of your own way and your higher self is able to step in and create magic.

When you continue to do something every day, learning more about manifesting and practicing changing your vibrational state, you’ll start to believe that “Maybe, just maybe, more is possible”.

Another way to build your belief is to hear about other people’s successes. And when you do, don’t come to it thinking “That’s okay for them but it won’t work for me.” 

Inside Divine Money Manifesting, I like to have my students share their successes. Because then all of my students can use that to inspire their own successes … they can feel as excited and grateful as if it happened in their own life. When they do that, they start to change at a cellular level. Their vibration and energy becomes more magnetic to their desires.

To help you ignite the energy that will allow you to create and attract more successes, I will share some success here. Feel how you would feel having the same success in your life …

"I had a $9000 debt released, out of the blue they just cancelled the contract." - Corine Graham, France.

Feel what that would be like for you. Flood your body with those feelings.

The next one is from Stella in South Africa:

“I stumbled across you when I had very little. I dived into your course and within 2 weeks I received over $3300. Since I’ve met you my income has tripled and tremendous possibilities are opening up like magic. Thank you for creating this one of a kind course.”

Again, take a moment to imagine it was YOU who manifested $3,300 in just two weeks. Feel how you would feel if this was your money miracle. Because as you do you will become more magnetic to your heart’s desires.

The more you can understand what is possible and how other women are manifesting money miracles, the more you will believe it is possible for you.

Improve your life using the Law of Attraction: receive the abundance you want.

5. Receive the abundance you want

The good news is that when you are a vibrational match for the abundance you want to attract into your life, the Universe can’t help but deliver it!

As you stay in that state of gratitude, giving thanks for the increase in things that happen in your life that you are really thankful for, and as you continue to feel and believe and live as though you have already manifested the life you want, the magic will happen and you will see things start to unfold.


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