11 Jun Let the Universe Do its Job

Let the Universe Do its Job!

Hi, It’s Sandy from WildlyWealthy.com and today I want to talk about Letting the Universe do its Job.

Firstly, there are two different ways (with lots of variations) to attract all you desire into your life. You can do it:
1. through the head – with repetition
2. through the heart – with emotion and feeling

First I want to talk about manifesting through the head is when you think about something over and over; when you repeat something over and over, when you continually say it, see it, focus on it.

It can sometimes seem like hard work, but it definitely works.


I’ve manifested some wonderful things into my life through constant repetition of affirmations so I know you’ll get results that way. The downside is it can take a little longer (sometimes a lot longer). And quite often what happens is, while you are waiting around for your desire to appear – you start to question if this actually works. You might begin to doubt that you’ll get the results you are seeking, you stop doing the mindset work and take your focus off what you want.

Instead, you begin to look at how things currently are, which is exactly what you shouldn’t do – because that’s when you ‘cancel the order’ because your focus is now on NOT having the thing you want

So, while repetition does work, there is an easier way!

Manifesting through the heart is more magical, easier, faster, and far more powerful. Thinking (the head work) about your greatest desire and energizing it with emotions (through the heart) is what gives your desire life. They both attract your desires to you, but when you do them both at once, the power is magnified.


Once you’re clear on what you want, and I can’t say this enough, get your logical mind out of the way. Don’t try and figure out how it will happen. Don’t try to step all the steps through to achieving your dream. Let all that go, let the Universe figure out how it will make it happen. Let the Universe devise the most exciting, fun and eventful way to make your dreams come true.

I remember organizing a trip to Hawaii. I had finally saved up enough money for the airfare to complete the last event of a three-part seminar program that I was doing with Anthony Robbins. The day before I was due to leave, I had a phone call from someone who told me about a beautiful bay about an hour away from where I was staying on Kona, “Where, if you are lucky,” she said, “you can swim with the dolphins”. I LOVE dolphins; they are beautiful, strong, sensitive, empowered creatures. There is something magical about them that moves me whenever I see one. She told me how I would have to organize transport as well as hire out kayaks and underwater gear to get the most out of the experience.

Unfortunately, there was no time to find out all the details, but I REALLY wanted to swim with the dolphins.


When I arrived at Kona, I made some inquiries but the trip to that special bay was definitely in the too hard basket. I decided to go on a local trip where they said we might see dolphins. I had a great day out in the ocean diving in the warm tropical waters amongst the lava spills and brightly colored fish, but there were no dolphins to be seen. I didn’t care (much). As I gently swayed underwater to the ocean rhythm, I imagined I could see dolphins swimming around me and it filled me with such powerful emotions of love, it was almost as good as actually having them there with me.

I still had in the back of my mind that I would love to swim with the dolphins in that special bay, but with the event starting around nine o’clock each morning and ending around midnight or later, there was NO chance to organize anything; so I thought maybe I’d be able to think about organizing something on the last day, which was a free day.

The week passed, and on the last day of the event I was walking up the huge stairs of the Hilton Waikoloa Village and glanced up – a young man walking down the stairs caught my eye and said hello. I smiled and said hello back, and then he stopped on the stairs next to me. I didn’t want to be rude, so I stopped too. He asked me why there were so many people around (about 1200) and I told him it was an Anthony Robbins seminar, it was the last day and we were graduating tonight. He thought that was great, because he said he’d previously been through the same event and loved it. He asked me what else I’d been doing, and I told him about my ocean swim, and mentioned how no dolphins had shown up.


He then told me how he lived down by a bay (the one that had the dolphins) and that, if I wanted, he’d love to take me there and maybe I could see the dolphins after all. Keep in mind, I am in a strange country, I don’t know this man from Adam, and he’s inviting me to travel over 100km away with him for the day. My logical mind went into overdrive “No way, this man could be a serial killer, don’t even think about it” but my creative mind said: “The Universe has set this up; don’t let a great opportunity go by – with more than two thousand people in this hotel, you just ‘happened’ to cross paths”. But my logical mind won out and I told him I didn’t think so because I didn’t want him to drive all the way back here to get me (the only excuse I could come up with!).

Then he said “You should, it would be perfect, I’m a yoga teacher here at the Hilton, and I have a class tomorrow morning. I could pick you up after the class and we could spend the day there and I could bring you back afterward”.

By this time my hormones were winning over my logical mind and I decided, “Yoga teacher, good looking, cute smile, gentleman – I’m there!” So, we organized that he would meet me at the front of the hotel the next morning.

At the exact time, he pulled up outside the hotel in a fancy little red sports car. He jumped out, opened my door, and handed me the most divine tropical lei I had ever seen, made from wild orchids. He told me it was a ‘congratulations’ gift for graduating from my seminar, as he knew it was a big accomplishment.


We drove away into the warm summer day, and when we reached the next town, he took me to a supermarket and told me to buy whatever I wanted for our picnic lunch. We piled back into the car with shopping bags full, and after more driving and talking he then pulled into a little sports store on the side of the road. When we got out, I realized we were there to hire kayaks and snorkels, goggles, and flippers to use during our day. “Oh my gosh”, I’m thinking to myself, “Is this real? It’s all falling into place so easily!”

And that’s the exact thing. When you are connected, energized and your vibration is pure and high, you will be in the flow; things will happen with little effort; everything just seems to fall into place. That’s what flow is all about; that’s what being a co-creator is all about.

The Yoga teacher and I had the most wonderful day in this beautiful bay. Although no dolphins showed up, it didn’t matter because there was no one else but us swimming amongst the thousands of tropical fish. We sat with our feet dangling in the water munching on yummy chocolate chip cookies, drinking orange juice, and eating fresh pineapple. We spent hours talking, laughing, and really enjoying ourselves.


Now do you think for a moment that I could have organized all those events and circumstances to happen and put it all perfectly into place? Not in a million years. The Universe has tricks up its sleeve you don’t even know about.

Stop trying to manage the Universe and just manage yourself and your mind. The Universe knows what it’s doing and really doesn’t need you to map out every step of its grand plan for you. It just needs you to know what it is you want, and it will work out the best way to get it to you!

The hotel where I was staying had a dolphin training Program, and to top it off, I got a message from them when I got back, saying I’d had won a competition of a special session swimming with the dolphins in their huge free form dolphin pool. So I got to swim with not only grown dolphins but with two baby dolphins that were only three days old. It was a magical experience and I thanked the Universe for giving me all I desired – and sooo much more!


You can attract all you desire and much, much more when you create the emotions you would feel as if it is already ‘a done deal’. It works every time, in ways you can’t even begin to imagine! Understand that the Universe loves you, more than you could possibly imagine; it wants you to be happy, it wants to give you your greatest desires, it wants to make your dreams come true. Place your order and let the Universe do its thing!

So… Resign as ‘Manager of the Universe’; simply know what you want, feel as if it’s already done, and let the Universe take over.

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