Manifest your dream life with the Law of Attraction: just use this guide!

11 Oct Manifest your dream life with the Law of Attraction


Whether you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction before, or you’re already dipping your toes into the world of manifesting abundance into your life, I am SO excited to show you how you can manifest the life of your dreams using the Law of Attraction.

The reason I’m excited is because I do this myself – I literally went from welfare to millionaire, I currently live in the home of my dreams, and I’ve helped thousands of women all over the world do the same.

For a full step-by-step you can join Divine Money Manifesting (where you’ll discover how to manifest the cost of the course within the first few weeks of joining!), but if you just want a taster, we’ve developed this guide to help you out.

But first, have you figured out what the Law of Attraction is? 

Its foundation is simple: you take everything you want to experience and make it real through your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and your emotions.

Manifesting abundance using the Law of Attraction can happen really FAST when you get the hang of it! Sure, some things might take a little longer, and on the way you might feel as though things are getting worse before they get better. But this is why my full training, and the amazing community of women in Divine Money Manifesting is so powerful. 


How to manifest your dream life using the Law of Attraction.

  1. Get really intentional (clear) about what you want – your big, beautiful goals, dreams and desires
  2. Write down the things you want to manifest
  3. Think about the action you can take to help create the abundance you want
  4. Live in gratitude, every moment of every day, and be thankful for what you see coming into your life (as well as the abundance all around you).
  5. Let go of any beliefs that don’t match your dreams
  6. Be aware of the energy you are putting out into the Universe
  7. Trust the process 

Let’s dive in!


Step 1: Get really intentional about what you want – your big, beautiful goals, dreams and desires.

The FUN part about manifesting abundance is that you get to decide what you want that to look like. I help women create abundance in their health, their relationships, their money, in the things they believe they can do and in the places they can travel to … the picture is different for every single person, and it’s exciting to see what women in our Divine Money Manifesting group create! 

So think about what it is YOU want to bring into your life. 

And be really specific. Use your senses and your emotions; see it like a movie playing in your imagination and experience what it feels like, tastes like, looks like. How will you feel when you wake up and it is real? Will you be dancing around the room? Calling someone to say “I did it!”?

A powerful thing that many people don’t realise is that we are all creating our reality every single day, down to every single tiny detail. So when you start to understand the power you have, you start to pay attention to the real detail of what you want. 

For instance, saying “I want more money” could mean you find a dollar on the ground and, technically, the Universe brought you more money.

Decide on how much, by when. The “How” is not always something you need to think about; the Universe is extremely creative in how it brings things to us … often faster than we expect and in a way we would never have imagined!



Step 2: Write down the things you want to manifest

When you write down the things you want to manifest you are making a strong impression in your own mind as well as a commitment to the Universe. I like to write things down in a really fun way, using coloured paper and shapes, and posting the things I’ve written around the house. 

And here’s the cool part – you don’t always have to be looking at what you wrote down. Your mind knows it’s there, and even just by walking past the note you stuck on your mirror or fridge, or when you hop in the car and see it on the dashboard, your subconscious mind goes to work.



Step 3: Think about the action you can take to help create the abundance you want

Here’s where we need to take a bit of responsibility for our actions. Sometimes people say “I want a new car” but they’re not even taking care of the car they have right now. Or they say “I want a new job” but they haven’t spent time creating a resume.

I’ve had women tell me they want to start a coaching business, but they haven’t made time to work on that in the evening so that they can get it up and running and leave their day job … as soon as I help them get their actions aligned with their desires, things can change fast!

What are the actions you can take that will move you closer to your dreams?


Step 4: Live in gratitude, every moment of every day, and be thankful for what you see coming into your life (as well as the abundance all around you).

No matter where you are in your life right now, you can find something to feel gratitude for … and this is key in aligning your energy to the positive energy of manifestation. 

Even if things feel really hard right now, start with something small: the gorgeous blue of the sky; the flower that pushed up through a crack in the driveway; how you feel after moving your body or eating food that nourishes you.

Start where you are, feel the gratitude and you will find that what you focus on expands … you will start to see more and more things every single day that you feel gratitude for. It gets exciting when you realise you need to go get your journal all the time, because you need to write more amazing things down that just happened!


Step 5: Let go of any beliefs that don’t match your dreams

Many people are raised to believe things that just aren’t true, or that don’t align with their dreams.

It’s essential to look at what it is you have been taught to believe in in different areas of your life. For example, if people told you that rich people aren’t very nice, it’s going to be hard for you to really want to be rich, right?

Because at a subconscious level you would be telling yourself you’re not a nice person.

There are so many things here to think about. What do you believe about finding the love of your life? Were you taught that people will always let you down?

Because if you were, you could be saying “I want to find the man of my dreams” but in your subconscious mind you’re thinking “Every relationship I go into ends up falling apart.”

Release the beliefs that don’t match your dreams and you’ll be banishing blockages. Sounds good? YES!


Step 6: Be aware of the energy you are putting out into the Universe

Sometimes people don’t realise that their energy is not aligned with the things they want to manifest. They might be spending time with people who are always negative about their lives. Or they might be watching a whole lot of news, because we’re taught to keep up with what’s happening in the world, right? But that news just feeds headlines and stories that are designed to increase stress and anxiety and get you clicking on that story, with a whole lot of FOMO (fear of missing out). 

What information sources – whether they come from people in your life or the news feed – do you need to eliminate?

What can you bring into your life that builds positive, expectant, grateful and EXCITED energy? For me, that is the stories of the women I help as they create abundance because this changes the whole direction of their lives, and also helps change the direction of their families’ lives.


Step 7: Trust the process 

Sometimes it can feel like things are getting worse before they get better. It is so important to remember this; I have experienced it many times and can tell you without a doubt that these are the exact times you just need to go back through the first 6 steps, keep your heart open, and be ready to receive everything the Universe brings.

The Law of Attraction is so much more powerful than most people realise, which is why I help women understand both the science behind it and the spiritual side. 

Doing the work at both a conscious and subconscious level is where the magic happens.

Are you ready to manifest your dream life with the Law of Attraction?


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