01 May Manifesting Millions – Denise’s Secrets

I want to let you know more about how Denise Duffield-Thomas went from $225 a month to creating over $7 million (which is now closer to $20 million) …

Because manifesting money doesn’t always magically happen with zero effort, there are certain steps to follow to allow the prosperity and abundance you desire to appear.

The thing to remember is, Denise is no different to you and I.

She loves the Law of Attraction and when she first discovered it she dived right in.

Be Consistent

She read my bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast and began using some of my techniques consistently.

That’s one of the secrets – you have to be consistent, not ‘when you feel like it’, it has to be every day.
You are changing from the inside out and that takes work – fun work, but work all the same!

Immerse Yourself

Because she loved the techniques in my book, she joined the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy – my Law of Attraction Coach Training and Certification program.

Again, she was immersing herself in the Law of Attraction and was training with me to become an Internationally Certified Law of Attraction Coach… and when that becomes your main focus, your business (rather than something you do for fun when you have time) you really start to live and breathe transformation. You get REALLY good at manifesting.

Denise didn’t take on her first paying client until she had completed her certification – she could have started much sooner, but I understand where she was coming from.
I was the same when I was a coach in training, I was terrified someone would ask me what my qualifications were, so refused to take on clients until I had a certificate in my hand.

I teach our Inspired Spirit coaches to take on paying clients as soon as they learn their first coaching model – some even start making money their first MONTH in our training. But Denise and I were slow to start – just goes to prove it doesn’t matter how slow you start, its how you persist and how you finish that counts!

Her first month she made $225 following our step-by-step beginners’ coaching script. Denise said she was nervous and a little bit scared, but just followed along word for word and that’s when she knew she was meant to be a coach.

Immerse Yourself some more!

While Denise was coaching one-on-one she also studied my Millionaire Author Secrets program and started working on her first book.

It’s my course that teaches you everything you need to write, publish and sell your books. Denise discovered how to use her book as a big business card. That strategy has allowed me (and Denise) to make millions in business – there’s a certain way to use your book to draw people back to your website, so no matter where they buy your book from, they end up on your email list so you can let them know about other products, programs or services you offer!

Denise has now signed a 3 book deal with Hay House, the world’s leading personal empowerment publisher. And it all started with an idea for the name for her books and brand.

Before her books were published, I had a one-on-one mentoring session with Denise and she was a bit hesitant to use the name Lucky Bitch. She wasn’t sure if it would work. I told her to OWN the name Lucky Bitch because I knew it would help her and her business truly stand out. And it sure has…

The Magic of Mindset, Mentors and Action

Denise is the perfect example of what’s possible when you combine mindset, mentors and taking action…

One by itself will get you so far, but when you have your mindset dialed in to manifest money, and you follow a mentor who has already achieved what you’re wanting to achieve, and then you take ACTION – you become unstoppable and the Universe can’t help but deliver your order!

This magic combination allows the Universe to truly support you and help you manifest faster and with more ease and grace than ever before.

And as I always say… MINDSET has to be the FIRST thing that changes…

If you’d love to completely immerse yourself in the Law of Attraction I’d love to see you join the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy

You can be like Denise and go from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars, or like any of our other coaches who were able to quit their job, spend more time with their families, travel the world or just make some extra money helping people achieve their goals. You can not only transform your life, you can help others transform theirs too. I always say it doesn’t get any better than that!

It’s all possible – you just have to take that first step, because the Universe is waiting to deliver your dreams.

The moment you commit, that’s the moment you start transforming your desires from the metaphysical to the physical, that’s the moment the Universe starts to work its magic.

It all starts with taking that first step… having a dream, committing to that dream, creating a money mindset, finding a mentor and taking action.

I can’t wait to hear what success story YOU create.

Much love