25 Sep Money Manifesting Mistake #2

Hi, it’s Sandy from WildlyWealthy.com and I’d like to share the next Money Manifesting Mistake Women make, and that’s getting stuck in fear.

So, for example, you may have a great idea to grow your business, or maybe to start a new business, or to bring in a second income, or a great idea that will get you a promotion at work, but what happens is you get stuck in fear. You get scared about making a mistake. You get scared about failing. You get scared about being successful. You get scared about change.

Can Happen at a Conscious or Subconscious Level

This can happen at a conscious or subconscious level. It may not be something you’re consciously thinking about, sometimes you might, but not necessarily. A lot of it happens at a very subconscious level because you don’t know what the outcome will be, so you are afraid.

So, the thing about fear, it stops you from taking action. It stops you from being creative. It stops you from taking chances because fear or stress makes you stupid.

Because think about it. Back in the caveman days, what happened was when something occurred that was potentially life-threatening, you needed to have all your blood go to your, legs and heart so that you could run fast and like get away from that thing that was potentially going to kill you.

Your Brain Switches Off

And so, when your blood is diverted to your limbs and heart and lungs, you don’t think the same. Basically your blood drains from your brain and your ‘reptilian brain’ switches on and the parts of your brain that can think logically and be creative and solve problems, and come up with amazing ideas, that part completely switches off.

Now I know you’re not being chased by a sabre tooth tiger these days, but your body doesn’t know it. Evolution has made it so you are hardwired for flight or fight, that way the human species can stay alive. So when you get cut off in traffic, when you get a bill in the mail, when your phone dings with a message, when you get an email you don’t like – all these things (and so much more) send your body AND brain into stress.

You Come Up With All the Reasons it Won’t Work

So, with that stress, comes burst of fear and when you get stuck in fear, not only do you not take action because you’re scared, but you don’t come up with great ideas, and you don’t follow through. You might go for an interview, and when you’re scared, instead of saying something brilliant, and amazing, and looking fabulous, you say something completely stupid and you make a fool of yourself. Or when you get a great business opportunity that has the potential to change your life, you go into fear and instead of looking at it logically, you come up with ALL the reasons why it won’t work for you.

Or you’re talking to a potential new client that may want to hire you, but again, when you go into fear, you basically say things that are stupid because you can’t think logically, you can’t think intelligently.

It Ends Up Being Crap

Or you’re trying to write sales copy or a social media post, you go into fear and it ends up being crap and you not getting any sales or any attention from your post – not because nobody wants what you have, but because you’ve shut down the creative side of your brain and you’re writing from fear and its NEVER going to be as good.

Or you are trying to visualize or focus on your dreams but there’s that little voice in the back of your head saying “not going to happen, you’ll never be able to manifest that” – again, its just fear that is trying to stop you.

At a Metaphysical Level You Push it Away

So, when you get stuck in fear, it not only holds you back, but if you do take action, you often take the wrong action, or you say the wrong thing, or you just make a mess of it or you don’t believe that what you truly want could actually happen for you, so at a metaphysical level, you end up pushing it away.

So, you need to get out of fear, and there’s lots of ways to do that, but one of the simplest ways to get out of fear is just breathing out.

I know people say, “Take a big, long, slow, deep breath in, it’ll help to relax you,” but it’s not the breath in that relaxes you and calms you. It’s the breath out.

Relax into the Moment

So, when you take a longer breath out than you take in, what happens in that moment is that your nervous system goes, “Oh, that breath out means I am relaxed, I’m not being chased by a saber-tooth tiger. I don’t have to be fearful. I don’t have to be stressed. I can relax into the moment.” And so when people say take 10 deep long breaths to calm down, it’s the breath out that does the calming.

So again, mistake number three is getting stuck in fear. You want to be able to get out of fear, get out of stress so that you can become an amazing manifestor.

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