06 Oct What You Need to Feel to Manifest Money

Its Sandy Forster from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, and I’m the founder of The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy and WildlyWealthyWomen.com which is the world’s leading business training and global community for women like you who love to combine the Law of Attraction with proven practical steps so you can create success faster and easier while having more fun then you ever imagined business could be.So today what I wanted to do was talk a little about things that many people who first discover the Law of Attraction seem to struggle with.

Gone From Welfare to Millionaire

Now because I’ve mastered the Law of Attraction using the Law of Attraction and I’ve gone from welfare to millionaire people always ask me how I did it, what was the one thing that changed everything. But it was never just one thing, it was always an accumulation of doing something every day which changed the way I thought, which then changed the actions I took, which ultimately changed the results I achieved.

Attract and Manifest instead of Chase

So one thing I always did consistently (and still do), I was always looking for answers, always seeking out information, always trying different things and taking action on the things that resonated with me, the things that really made my heart sing. The processes and exercises I just loved to do, so it didn’t feel like I was chasing money or trying to ‘get’ something. Instead what I was doing was attracting, I was manifesting.

How You Should Feel to Manifest Money

So to support you and your desire to manifest more money in your life I’m going to be answering some questions, and the first question is from Patty, who said “I don’t know how I need to be feeling to manifest money”. And that’s a great question because it is all about the feeling, its all about your vibration, its all about your energy you put out. What you put out into the Universe is what you then attract back to you.

So obviously if you’ve never been rich before, you’ve never been wealthy, you’ve never been a millionaire, when I say “OK focus on what it is you want and feel the feeling” you can be thinking, “Well, I don’t know how to do that, I’ve never been rich, I’ve never been a millionaire, so how do I feel those feelings?”

You Don’t Have to be Rich to Feel Rich

The simple answer is, you just pretend. And for me, when I was $100,000 in debt and on welfare, the way I would get into the feeling place – there was 2 ways. The first way was I would think of a time when I had actually felt rich. I’m not saying think of a time when I was rich, I’m saying think of a time when I FELT rich.

So for me, when I was young, my grandfather used to call me possum, and he’d always say “Come over here possum” because I had big blue eyes. I’ve still got big blue eyes but no-one calls me possum these days. So he’d say “Come over here possum” and he’d tweak my ear and pull out a coin from behind it and say “This is for you”. And I used to feel SO rich getting this money out of thin air. So whilst in terms of reality, I may not have actually been rich, I felt rich in that moment. And the same if I found a coin on the ground or I was digging in the sand and found some money, I felt COMPLETELY rich. So I was able to go to that place, so when I was $100,000 in debt and on welfare I was able to go to that place and connect to the feelings of being rich – connect to the feelings I’d feel if I was rich. I didn’t have to be rich to feel those feelings, I just had to FEEL rich.

Go Places That Make You Feel Rich

So that was one way, the other way, once I got the hang of it, what I would do is go to places that made me feel rich. I would go to a housing estate where there was beautiful houses and walk through one of the houses and feel that it was mine, feel what it would be like to own a house like that. Or go to a beautiful hotel and walk into the foyer. I remember going to the Versace on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and just feeling incredibly rich being surrounded by what I perceived to be all these rich people who all had loads of money.

There are so many ways you can make yourself feel rich and then again, when I was really struggling I knew that rich people didn’t clean their own homes. I knew they got a cleaner. So again, what I used to do, every 2 weeks I would get a cleaner in and it would cost me around $25. And honestly, when I walked around my home and everything was clean as a whistle, seriously I felt so rich.

Connect to Other People’s Riches

So there’s many ways you can get into that feeling state of being rich – you don’t have to BE rich to FEEL those feelings of richness. You can look at other people’s riches and connect to that. You can put yourself in places that make you feel rich. You can do something that makes you FEEL rich.

I know when I was struggling financially, if I ever bought a packet of chocolate biscuits – usually Tim Tams for me and my kids – I felt rich, like seriously rich, like SOOOO rich.

So there’s things you can do to make yourself feel rich and if you can do that on a consistent basis and not put yourself in a place of “I’m here now I don’t have the money, that’s what I would like – I’ll TRY and feel rich”. Instead, put yourself in the place of “I already have this” and this is how I feel already having this thing or experiencing this thing or going to this place. Just imagine that it’s already happened and they’re the feelings you want to evoke.

So that’s it for today about how to be Wildly Wealthy or become Wildly Wealthy.

Immerse Yourself at a Cellular Level

And if you really want to immerse yourself in changing who you are at a cellular level so that you can manifest your hearts desires. You can manifest more money, more love, more joy, business success, whatever you want… You might like to take a look at the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy where I train people to be Law of Attraction coaches so they can go out into the world and create a business they love, but it also completely transforms you as a person so you become that person who knows how to vibrationally change who you are. Who knows how to energetically move yourself into that place where you can attract your hearts desires. Go and have a look at InspiredSpiritCoachingAcaemy.com because we have our last training program for the year and I’d love to have you join us. Until then, this is Sandy Forster – enjoy!

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