Discover Oprah Winfrey's thoughts on the Law of Attraction, and how you can align your body, mind and spirit for success with Sandy Forster who has been called 'Oprah's Aussie Secret'.

11 Oct Oprah Winfrey’s Thoughts On The Law Of Attraction

No matter what your circumstances, you can transform your life. I’m living proof of this, and so is Oprah! I’ve gone from welfare to millionaire and been called “Oprah’s Aussie Secret”, and I’m so excited to share with you the principles that both Oprah and I use to create the life we want.


Advice on success from Oprah Winfrey

Oprah agrees that we create our reality through the way we think. When Oprah wanted to be in the movie “The Color Purple” she took action to get herself into the position where she was chosen. Yet at the start it didn’t even look like it was that film she was auditioning for!


When I saw Oprah in Australia I realized two things: 1. Oprah is so much funnier in real life than on TV and 2. Oprah understands the power of gratitude. It’s so important to live in a state of gratitude, remembering that your day-to-day life is so much better than someone else’s wildest dreams.

There will be setbacks and sometimes things don’t look like you think they should, but if you truly understand the power of the Law of Attraction you can create the abundance you deserve. It is so important to never give up, even when things feel like they will never get any better.

Don’t ever forget just how lucky you are right now, and as you really feel it and tap into that sense of gratitude your energy will be much more aligned to create even more abundance.

Oprah Winfrey created her success, and you can do it too!

The Law of Attraction is so powerful, and so much FUN! I was literally a single mum living on welfare and used the Law of Attraction to become a millionaire when I aligned my body, mind and spirit for success and learned how to bust through my money blocks.

After changing my reality from welfare to millionaire I now get to live in a tropical oasis near the beach, with kangaroos grazing in my yard each afternoon, and I help thousands of women around the world to empower and transform their minds so they can also transform their lives and businesses to experience true freedom.

I had my own challenges along the way, and this is the thing – even when things seem at their worst, they can get even worse! BUT when you change your mindset, everything changes. My own story is proof that things can turn around in a heartbeat.

When you try to harness the Law of Attraction on your own, you will find it is much slower because you have to learn everything by experience. I know what that feels like and I love that I have been able to help thousands of women avoid that long road and learn to manifest FAST, using the principles in my Divine Money Manifesting course – the fast-track method to becoming an amazing manifestor and creating more money, abundance and prosperity than you have ever dreamed of.

When you learn that your thoughts and actions are completely within your control, you open up possibilities and a new way of living far beyond what people might say is “normal”.

I have used the Law of Attraction to create everything in my life today: synchronicity with amazing business opportunities, travel, my beautiful home, and with the thousands of women I have the joy to work with who join my courses. Some of those women want to manifest abundance for themselves and the people they love. Then, some want to go all in and they create their own business with my training to become an Internationally Certified Law of Attraction coach (through my Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy) so they can help thousands of people themselves. I feel blessed to continue to inspire, empower and encourage women to create prosperity!

I’ve found my life’s purpose and it truly is so much more than I could have imagined.

Never forget the Universe created the entire cosmos. When you use the same principles that Oprah and I do, the Universe doesn’t have any trouble shuffling a few things around to bring you the abundance you desire.

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“Since learning from Sandy I have been on a manifesting mission! I’ve moved from rainy London to beautiful sunny Perth Australia, gone from a horrific relationship to one with the love of my life, manifested an awesome job, $10,000 lottery win, a new car/house/motorbike/boat…. Wow, the list is endless and just keeps happening! Thanks, Sandy for everything you do to inspire others xxx”

Carly Evans, Australia (from UK)