08 Jul Taking Inspired Action to Manifest Your Desires

Jackie Frank

Enjoy your guided visualization – it starts at 3 mins 45 seconds if you want to jump right to it.

This week I had an opportunity to bid for a Mentoring Session with the amazing Jackie Frank (editor of Marie Claire for 20 years, as well as working on some of the world’s best magazines such as Elle and Mademoiselle). She’s an author, an innovator, business woman, mum, journalist, TV personality – the list goes on. All in all an amazing woman. And I wanted to WIN the mentoring session with her. So I had my eye on the auction all afternoon, and just before closing time I started my bidding – with 10 seconds to go, I put in the winning bid….

Mademoiselle - BLogBut ‘what the’…. ‘Sally’ jumped in and beat my bid. Hang on, the auction closing time was over, I was supposed to be the winner. So I bid again, and she bid again, and I bid again, and so did she. Holy moly, talk about stressful. When the auction finally ended about 10 mins later her name may have been posted as the winner, but I had already decided that I had WON and I just had to have the prize.

Blog - Marie ClaireSo I got an idea – phone the auction organizers and ask them what’s going on. But oh, that felt very uncomfortable. Would I sound like a complaining customer, would I be labeled a whiner and a bad loser? I could have just walked away, but I had already decided I was having that mentoring session with Jackie, so I pushed through the fear, took inspired action, made the phone call and BINGO – guess who’s flying to Sydney to have a one-on-one session with the amazing Jackie Frank…. yours truly.

Blog - ElleIts about knowing what you want, setting your intention, using LOA processes to bring it to you in the metaphysical or spiritual and then taking inspired action to move it from the spiritual into the physical.

Enjoy your guided visualization – it will make you more magnetic to your desires and more mindful of taking inspired action.

And I’m going to be doing a special blog after I have my session with Jackie!!


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