03 Jun The No Money Vibration

The Law of Attraction and quantum physics has proven everything in our world is vibrating, including our thoughts. And you attract to yourself whatever you give your attention and energy to – whether wanted or unwanted. You can choose to focus on what is working in your life and what you want more of or focus on what isn’t working and what you don’t want. Either way, you get more of whatever it is you focus on.

I remember continually telling my kids, “What you focus on is what becomes your reality.” When I was in my stage of attracting money, but it was flowing out just as fast, my daughter would say, “blah blah blah. We don’t need a lecture about that spiritual stuff, it doesn’t work anyway – we’ve still got no money”.

And that was the truth; we were still struggling financially even though I was saying my affirmations and visualizing what I desired. But the problem was I was also seeing bills and feeling my solar plexus tighten; I was experiencing fear, worry, and panic about where the money would come from, that I would never have enough, that I would be struggling forever.

I remember when my daughter was around twelve and wanted to go to her school dance and came to me the day before it and said, “Mum, I need some new shorts for the dance”.

I Went Into Panic Mode Around Money

To get you in the picture – I was having a really, really tragic week financially. At that stage I wasn’t tracking my finances; I’d had a cheque bounce, a few bills had come in, including a red-letter bill (those scary ones), and I was beginning to go into my usual panic mode around money.

So the conversation went a little like…“Can you buy me my shorts and shoes, I really need them?” “Darling, I don’t have the money right now”. “You never buy me anything; I have to have them!” “Darling, I said I don’t have the money”. “Can’t you just put it on your credit card?”

But, the credit card was up to the limit, and by this time I’m starting to freak out. I am seething with all sorts of very negative, very strong emotions. Frustration, because even though I was making good money, it was disappearing; embarrassment, because I felt so hopeless at managing my money; guilt, because I felt like a bad mother for not being able to buy things for her; sadness, because I knew how disappointed she would be as she’d be missing out once again and anger because she was asking me for something I just didn’t have.

Anger Was Winning

Unfortunately, anger was winning, and the picture was not pretty… The veins on my temples were throbbing, my eyes were bulging out of their sockets, I was hissing through gritted teeth, I had spit flying out of my mouth and I’m sure there were traces of steam coming out my ears as I screamed like a banshee going to war “I don’t have the money to pay all our bills, I’ve got to try and pay the phone bill before they cut it off. We just don’t have the money – don’t you understand; we’re broke right now – WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!!!!”

She looked me squarely in the eye with all the wisdom of her twelve years upon this earth and said in her most disgusted tone, “Well if that’s how you FEEL whenever you think about money – the Universe is NEVER going to make us rich.”

NOT Having Money Was My Order

I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach, and at that moment I could see why I was still struggling financially. I was attaching my strongest emotions to exactly what I didn’t want – no money. My emotional outburst was not about having money; it was about NOT having money. So ‘not having money’ was the dominant vibration or energy (or order) I was sending out to the Universe day after day. And the Universe was picking up my ‘not having money’ order and giving it straight back to me.

So if you’re not where you want to be financially, you may be doing the same thing – repelling prosperity by your thoughts. But the exciting thing is, by changing your thoughts it’s possible to begin attracting more money and prosperity into your life, starting immediately.

Let’s hope you’re lucky enough to have someone close to you who can show you where your thoughts are around money… And I always thought she didn’t listen to a word I said!

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