08 Jul The Secret to Success

Since I was 17 I’ve done so many different things to make money:

Worked in a Pizza Parlor – that was so much fun, I got free pizzas and lived off them during the school holidays.

Sewed summer shorts and tops and put them on consignment at local stores – fun but SO annoying when I’d go to collect my money and they’d say “we can only pay you for one pair because the other 2 got stolen”

I Cleaned Houses

Cleaned houses – my least favourite job (and still is today)

Sprayed people with suntan lotion at the beach – now that was a BLAST – getting paid to be at the beach all day in my bikini!

Worked in a Library – LOVED that job, the best part was covering books because I learned how to cover books without looking and read at the same time.

Leaflet distributor – I liked walking, so I figured it was a great way to get fit and be paid at the same time

Receptionist at a psychologists office – boring and also quite distressing to see how sad some people’s lives are. I just wanted everyone to be happy

Night packing at the local supermarket – better than sitting at home watching TV

I was an Aerobic Instructor

Aerobics instructor – now that was fun, again getting paid for keeping fit!

Swim and gym wear designer – fun but got me into $100,000 debt, so ended up not so much fun

Network marketing – I’ve sold personal development seminars, face products and essential oils to name a few. Brilliant way to learn about the psychology of sales, but quickly got over having to talk to people who really weren’t interested.

Life Coach – definitely the BEST decision I’ve ever made, which really took my life in a direction that has allowed me to create a life I love. Becoming a coach allowed me to really grow and flourish, both personally but also business wise and it enabled me to become a true entrepreneur (if you’ve ever thought of becoming a life coach, check out my international Law of Attraction Coach Training and Certification Program)


Since becoming a coach I’ve gone on to write a bestselling book, hold seminars and workshops, train people all around the world to be Certified Law of Attraction Coaches. I’ve won multiple business awards and I live a life most people only dream of. As an entrepreneur I definitely have my share of ups and downs (running your own business can be challenging sometimes), but the very thing I craved from the start – freedom – is all mine.

People often ask me “What is the secret to your success?” and I can say without a doubt, it’s the following:

  1. Learn, learn and learn some more
  2. Never give up – persistence is key
  3. Believe you will succeed

Keep Learning and Applying

No matter what happens in my business and in my life, no matter what great (or bad) decisions I make, no matter what blocks are put in my path, I continue to keep learning and then apply what I learn.

I seek out people who have created the success I want and I study them. If something works out I do more of that. If something doesn’t work out, I try something new. But above all, I never give up, I keep going. And believe me when I say I’ve had some scary times since I quit my job and started my own business, times when I SHOULD have given up and walked away. But my stubborn persistence to create a life that I truly loved, means I did whatever it took to create the success I desired.

I didn’t ever quit because I truly believed if I just kept pointing in the direction I wanted to go, I would eventually get there. And that’s what I want for you, to stay true to your vision, to your passion. Keep taking one step in front of the other toward your dream and it WILL happen.

Believe in Your Dream

Believe your dream will happen, every day visualize your dream as already happening, know the Universe showed you your dream because it wants you to live it.

So believe in your dream, never give up on your dream and learn and grow and step into the person you need to be to bring your dream into reality.

I did it, I’ve shown thousands of people around the world how to do it and I want YOU to do it too.

Happy dreaming!


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