03 Sep Trailer Trash or…?

I bet you didn’t know I used to live in a trailer…

Decades ago when I first started work it was really expensive to rent a unit or flat by myself but I was a total introvert back then too, and I really wanted to live on my own.

Solo living and the independence and quiet space and not having to answer to anyone was my idea of bliss (still is!). The pic above is the FIRST place I lived when I moved out of home… Beach Parade, Maroochydore, a small 2 bedroom flat (and I took this pic just 2 days ago, so its exactly the same!!)

After a year of living in my flat, I got all excited and had my eye on a beautiful block of land on the river about 2 mins from the beach but everyone talked me out of buying it because they said I’d be ‘tied down’ for years.

Looking back I can see I no idea about money and neither did they, but I stupidly listened to their advice. The land was only about $4500 and today it would be worth millions!!

So instead I bought myself a 45ft trailer (14m mobile home or caravan as its called in Australia) and I had it towed to a park which just happened to be right on beautiful Mooloolaba beach. My FAVORITE beach in the world!!

I absolutely loved living in that trailer. Listening to the sounds of the waves as I went to sleep each night. Watching the sun rise out of the ocean every morning (check out the video at the end of this blog post – its the EXACT view I had every morning!). Swimming in the sea before I dressed and walked bare feet in the sand along the beach to work at the local library every day.

Seriously, it was blissful.

Now to some people it may have seemed I was a deadbeat living in a trailer, but to me it was heaven…

It’s all a matter of perspective.

And who knew that years later that young girl living in the trailer would be now living in her multi-million dollar home…her own personal resort.

A home she bought herself by becoming a coach and using the Law of Attraction to create a business she loves and manifest the most amazing life!!!

I totally believe that if I, a high school dropout who never had any skills or financial help or connections can completely transform my life, then YOU can too.

When you get clear on what you want, then use the Law of Attraction to infuse your desire with energy and take inspired action, that’s when magic can happen.

Keep dreaming and know that anything is truly possible.

Have a wildly wealthy week!

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Check out the video below of the exact view I had EVERY MORNING!! The grassy patch at the end of the video is where my trailer used to sit 🙂