04 Apr Are you Using your Feminine Energy to Manifest?

Whether you’re male or female, we all have a mix of both feminine and masculine energy, and balancing those energies allows you to get into the flow and create a life you love. Unfortunately for many women, when they start a business they often fall into the trap of trying to build it like a man with lots of ‘doing, doing, doing’ which in the long run is not sustainable for a woman. Instead, you end up frustrated, overwhelmed, resentful and sometimes even wishing you could just get a job.

Consciously tap into Your Feminine Energy

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take action because that’s definitely part of creating success in any business. What I’m saying is you should consciously tap into your creative feminine energy which is an attractive energy, it’s an energy of creating and receiving.

Male energy is about doing and chasing and making things happen. Female energy is about attracting and allowing things to happen. To create success in a way that is in alignment with you as a female, it’s about harmony, it’s about balance.

So, of course, you need to continue the ‘doing’ that needs to be done to get your business off the ground, and then growing and then flourishing. However, I invite you to also spend time every single day tapping into your divine feminine energy and see the difference it makes to how you feel and the success you create.

5 Things I Love to Do to Enhance my Feminine Energy

Following you’ll find 5 things I love to do when things get stressful and I feel I’m falling back into that chasing masculine energy. They allow my feminine energy to be enhanced and allow the Universe to bring me what I desire.

1. Give Thanks

Take time before you begin your work day to close your eyes and give thanks. Thanks for your life, thanks for your business, thanks for being your own boss, thanks for all the clients and customers you’ll connect to. Thanks for the money you’ll create, the lifestyle you’ll lead and the freedom you’ll experience.

2. Breathe

During the day if things get stressful, breathe. Long slow deep breaths, particularly the out breath which allows you to release stress and come back into your body so you don’t feel so scattered and like your energy is being pulled in all different directions

3. Move

When I feel overwhelmed with a task (which happens more than you think, because I don’t really enjoy the ‘business’ side of the business, I much prefer the creative projects) my remedy is to move. I bounce up and down on my big purple exercise ball (I use it instead of a chair) or I walk on the spot if I have wound my desk up and am standing already. Or I get up and go outside and feel the sun on my skin. Or I walk around my property, feeling the grass beneath my feet. Or I pull out the mini trampoline and bounce for a few minutes. Moving your body releases stress and just like the tip above, it allows you to come back into your body, to relax, to settle, to just be.

4. Visualize

I have dozens of guided visualizations I’ve created – everything from ‘Your Million Dollar Idea’ to ‘Create My ideal Day’ to Attracting Perfect Clients’ to ‘Become a Millionaire in 3 years’. Creating and listening to guided visualizations is one of my favourite things to do. I’ve included most of my visualizations in my amazing business training program The Wildly Wealthy Women Academy. I love nothing more than taking what I call a ‘bliss break’ and listening to a guided visualization, it really brings me back into my feminine ‘attractive’ self.

5. Energetically Align

During my working day, I read my Desire Statement about my business, the one I’ve created that connects me to what it is I want to be, do and have the income and success I create. It includes all the things I want my business to achieve, and the impact I want to have on others. This gets me so excited I can feel my body, mind and spirit becoming energetically aligned with my vision and know in that moment it’s being created. That, in turn, gets me even more excited because I know behind the scenes the Universe is shuffling things around so my desires can wing their way to me much faster than if I was ‘doing, doing, doing’ through my male energy.

I encourage you to tap into your attracting energy, your divine, creative feminine energy. Not only will you create success and prosperity much faster, but you’ll also enjoy your work day and your business much more. And isn’t that why you got into business to start with?

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