01 Dec Visualize to Manifest!

I feel so grateful, my business allows me to do the things that make my heart sing and I love nothing more than showing other women how they can do the same. Travel is right up there at the top of my list and my recent trip backpacking through Morocco and Paris with my son was an amazing adventure and filled with memories I will treasure forever!

Creating a business that is not only fulfilling, fun and wildly profitable took time, but I’m so glad I persisted. It all started when I was $100,000 in debt and on welfare and borrowed the money to do my training to become a life coach, then combined that with the Law of Attraction (I now train others to be Law of Attraction coaches). That was the turning point in my life or more like the launching pad for my destiny!

Visualizing makes the Law of Attraction Work!

One of the things I did to make the Law of Attraction work so well was visualizing. I still do it daily to create, attract and manifest my heart’s desires. There’s nothing like seeing, then FEELING your desires into being. Visualization is a powerful tool and has allowed me to go from welfare to millionaire and listening guided visualizations is still one of my favorite manifesting processes and one I highly recommend you do on a daily basis too.

Here’s a visualization called See Your Business Success which you can use to help create your ideal business so you can begin to create the life of your dreams. It’s one of dozens you have instant access to when you join our international business and mindset training program at The Wildly Wealthy Women Academy

To get the most out of this visualization, the first time you listen put aside 30 mins and close your eyes and really see, feel and connect to the words. That’s how you’ll magnetize your desire.

Simply click on graphic to start your visualization

Then listen as often as you can, the main thing is not so much the ‘seeing’ but the ‘feeling’. That’s where the real power of visualization is. Happy manifesting.



My Moroccan and Paris adventure!

Check out my first ever selfie video here – and in Paris!!

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