What is the Law of Attraction? 3 steps to get started

01 Nov What is the Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction: 3 steps to get started

The Law of Attraction is a magically powerful law that says the Universe completely supports you to create what you desire, through your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. When you align your body, mind and spirit with your heart’s desires, the Universe will bring you the things that are an energetic match to you.

When you learn how to use the Law of Attraction, things can change FAST. You get to bring tangible things into your life through your beliefs, thoughts and actions. You probably don’t even realise that every single day you are creating your reality; your decision then becomes: what kind of reality do you want to manifest?

I love that I get to teach thousands of women around the world how to combine cutting edge neuroscience and the ancient wisdom of the Law of Attraction so that they can manifest abundance in their own lives.

If you follow this guide you’ll be able to take the first step towards accessing the power of the Law of Attraction in your own life.

Step 1: How to tap into the abundance that is all around you

You might have heard people say that you need to feel abundance and “be” abundance, but then it can feel like there is a lot of “doing” involved.

To attract what it is that you desire, there does need to be a bit more “being”.

When you can tap into the abundance that is all around you, it is easier to feel its energy.

How do you do this?

When you’re out and about every day, begin to notice the abundance that is all around you and appreciate every single thing. For example, on a gorgeous morning here in Australia I might take my beautiful little Pomeranian dog, Pesto, for a walk by the river and to the beach.

As we’re walking, I notice the abundance of water in the river … so much water that keeps flowing, every single day. I notice, as I walk along the path, how many rocks, pebbles, dirt, leaves, gravel there are.

The abundance of trees. On the trees, the abundance of branches. On the branches, the abundance of leaves. The abundance of the types of trees. The seeds they produce. The sky above me, the clouds, the birds and their singing … it is continuous.

If you just take a moment to witness the abundance around you, even of yourself: think of the millions of cells that are part of you …

When you notice the abundance all around you, and understand that the Universe just keeps generating more, and more, and more, every single second of every single day, you get excited about that abundance and you’ll begin to move into a more abundant vibration. Your energy will change. Your flow becomes different and you begin to naturally attract things into your life.

You might notice the examples I gave of abundance had nothing to do with money. This is what makes it so easy and so fun, because you don’t even need to focus on the money to begin to change your state.

When your energy aligns with abundance, you’ll see that you attract all forms of abundance … and that includes money!

Be grateful and notice the abundance around you, and you will begin to attract an abundance of love, money, joy, prosperity and health.

Step 2: How to send a clear message to the Universe

We’ll start with money, because it’s the thing that women mention to me most often when they join my courses and want to manifest abundance into their lives.

There’s a foundation that needs to come first …

Managing the money you already have. We find ourselves saying to the Universe, “Bring me more, bring me more” but our subconscious is saying, “I don’t know how to manage money …”

A big part of the Law of Attraction is taking the time to do the practical work. So when you’re sending mixed messages to the Universe – where you’re thinking one thing and feeling another – you’re basically telling yourself (and the Universe) “Don’t do this. Don’t bring any more in; you know what happens.”

You want to make it easy for the Universe to bring you what you desire. So I recommend taking really easy, simple, practical steps to look at where your money is right now. When I help women manifest abundance, one of the modules I go through with them is looking at their debts (no more burying their heads in the sand!) and getting clear on where they are.

This frees up a lot of energy and attracting and manifesting what you desire becomes really easy. You’ll be amazed at what miracles can happen when you do!

Let’s look at another example. What about when you want a new relationship? You might have created a vision board around that; you might have made a list of all the qualities you want in a person and be thinking about how it will feel. But what if you’re still in constant communication with your ex?

Basically, you’re sending a message to the Universe, “I want a new relationship” but you’re also telling the Universe, “I can’t let go of the old relationship.”

Can you see how it works? With a foot on each side, both you and the Universe are going to be confused 🙂

Or, here’s another example. Let’s say you are setting up a new business as a coach. You’re looking at all my materials and getting excited about attracting new clients through the internet. You know it’s going to be so much better than that crappy job you’ve been stuck in. But on the other hand you haven’t set up a quiet place to work at home; you haven’t set up a schedule so people can book with you, and you haven’t cleared time where you can actually do the work with clients.

You’re telling the Universe, “Bring me clients” but you’re also telling the Universe “Don’t bring me clients; I’m so busy and I’ll get overwhelmed!”

Which goals, dreams and desires are you sending out mixed messages for? Where are you telling the Universe “I want this,” but your subconscious mind is saying, “I’m not ready!”

Do what you need to do in terms of practical actions. Set things up. Make space for the new.

… and then, there’s your thinking.

Those things that have been playing in your mind as you grew up, so often that they’ve formed a rut that you just keep falling back into. On one hand, for example, you might be asking for riches. But on the other hand you might have been given an impression when you grew up that rich people are greedy, so you’re also telling the Universe, “I don’t want to become one of those greedy people.”

Take the time to align your body, mind and spirit with your desires.

Make it crystal clear.

Not only will the Universe know exactly what you want, but you will, too. Your conscious and your subconscious mind will be aligned with the same message.

Feels good, right?

Now, let’s look at how to use the power of your words when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

Step 3: How to use the power of your words

When you learn about the Law of Attraction, you will hear affirmations are important. And they are! Affirmations help create new neural pathways and rewire your brain, so that you attract new things into your life. Affirmations are amazing!

You can have a lot of fun creating affirmations with different fonts and brightly coloured paper. I often cut mine out in different shapes – hearts, circles, clouds – and I place them where I know I am going to see them often.

Because the thing is, your mind is an amazing affirmation tool

You don’t even have to be looking directly at the affirmations for them to be effective. Why? Because your subconscious mind is always aware that they are there. Your eyes don’t only see what you are looking at directly. Stick your affirmations on your mirror, in your kitchen, on the dashboard of your car … your subconscious mind will constantly be absorbing them, even when you’re busy doing other things!

There are hundreds of examples from my own life and from the lives of the women who join my course where writing down affirmations (the correct way) has completely changed everything. I have used affirmations to create my dream business, to travel the world, to buy the divine tropic oasis I live on.

The women who do my courses have used affirmations to pay for the cost of their course quickly, to bring in new clients, to see debt melt away, to meet their perfect life partner, to travel to different countries … the list goes on.

You might want more balance in your life. More health. More prosperity. All this can be achieved by writing it down concisely and precisely, and feeling it into your existence.

Affirmations can create real miracles in your life. I know it, and I can’t wait until you know it too.

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